ZHAOYI @ Reign of Reign of Icy Translucent Jadeite

ZHAOYI opens its first Hong Kong boutique at Central Building signaling the birth of luxury jade frenzy in the city. The sumptuously refined retail space, defined by oriental wood and bronze elements coupled with modern design language, echoes with the brand’s resplendent elegance. It is the perfect stage on which the brand’s exceptionally crafted jade creations showcase their luminous aura. The rocketing price of green jadeite has rendered it inaccessible to the majority of consumers. Capitalizing on the in-depth studies on the characteristics and features of jadeite, Zhaoyi Jade pioneered in the marketing of glassy jadeite in 2004. The brand pushes the envelope of jade tradition with exquisitely set translucent jade jewelry steeped in creativity. Western elements such as carat gold, colored gemstones and colored diamonds add to the scintillating elegance of these creations. Besides green hues, jade also comes in nuanced red, yellow, translucent, black, gray, blue and purple. Continuously auctioned for record prices in recent years, glassy translucent jadeite has become a sensation across jewelry industry and connoisseurs thanks to an increasingly enthusiastic market.

The translucent beauty of glassy jadeite ignites the pure, understated yet sophisticated aura amidst an ethereal play of light. To maximize this sober beauty of glassy jadeite, Zhaoyi taps on the classic cabochon cut using exceptional craftsmanship. The jadeite pendant in <Jade out of Your Imagination> collection is set with carat-graded red, yellow, blue, green and white colored diamonds and gemstones, complementing the solitaire translucent jadeite in the center. The choice of colors alludes to Oriental philosophy of Five Elements. Ruby (red), sapphire (blue), yellow sapphire (yellow), diamond (white) and emerald (green) form a priceless, powerful ode to the purest eternal love in five auspicious colors. Jade out of Your Imaginationoffers made-to-order service to customize a unique delight for her.