Winter Black Truffle Arrives @ 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Hong Kong

Winter doesn't come too early and yet you still can enjoy the winter black truffle specially flown in from Australia. For the first time, it is possible to enjoy Italian summer flavours topped with winter black truffle in Hong Kong especially it falls into the hands of award winning chef Umberto Bombana aka Hong Kong’s well-loved ambassador of truffles in his 3-star Michelin restaurant. It won't go wrong when things are handled in good hand, mylifestylenews explores the special tasting menu in  8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA recently, it is peculiarly delicious. We are desirous in telling you IT'S TRUFFLE TIME!!!

The black Périgord truffles are traditionally harvested in Europe in late autumn and winter, making them extremely rare and almost unheard of to be available fresh during summertime. Thanks to Shane Styles, the Vice President Marketing from the Truffle & Wine Co., Western Australia who dedicated the past ten years to migrating black truffles from France and growing them on Australian soil. Hence, the fragrant, earthy fungus through August as they are cultivated in the southern hemisphere make do with the supply from the southern hemisphere through September and not only relying from Europe where truffle are available only in late autumn and winter. With that, it round up the entire yearly supply from Europe and Australia globally in any season. It is indeed a blessing and and exciting news especially for truffles lover. The climate of Manjimup in Western Australia and the soil conditions under the producer’s 13,000 hazel and oak trees mirror that of Périgord, France, enabling the Australian truffles to be level in quality with those of French origin. Black Périgord truffles are traditionally harvested in Europe in late autumn and winter, making them very rare during summer months.  Ten kilograms of premium Black Périgord truffles were hunted from the roots of 13,000 hand-selected Oak and  Hazelnut tress in Manjimup, Western Australia and freshly air-delivered to Hong Kong for our special tasting and here are the menu :

<Marinated Scampi Carpaccio> 
Summer Vegetables, Citrus Truffle Dressing and Black Winter Truffle> 
<Homemade Tagliolini >
Butter & Parmesan, "Melanosporum" Black Truffle

<Egg in Raviolo>
Ricotta Cheese and Spinach, Hazelnut Butter and “Melanosporum” Black Truffle

<“Fassone” Veal Tenderloin Black Truffle> 
Truffle Sauce, Truffle Potato, Vegetables in Truffle Jus 
 <Black Truffle Ice Cream> 
Chantilly Cream, Crispy Hazelnut and Pistachio

The winter black truffle promotion ends in mid August 2014. Further enquiry, please contact +852 2537 8859 or