Dawn of The Planet of The Apes

There are not many sequels that outshine the first but <Dawn of The Planet of The Apes> is one of the very few exceptional. Thanks to Andy Serkis' role as Caeser who soaked himself everyday with the heavy costume special effect and adding mainly on blue screen brought this most humanize creature to live. Despite the main lead cast changed entirely from its prequel, Caeser's love towards human remain unchanged and grows even further. While the messages from Ceaser "Apes Don't Kill Apes" and "Apes Together Strong", reunite and align all living creatures as one. What a charming thoughts from Caeser and of course from the screenwriters too. There are lots of intelligence and emotional resonance imply in this sci-fi thriller achievement especially from the growing nation of apes, the human became the fragile spices while apes are showing way more TLC than to start the war. For a dramatic verve and emotional nuance, apes trounce human and becoming one of the most engrossing daring Apes movies with smart and intelligence motive. It is fun and entertaining with slick CG while it also gets to say something about the world how human are stupidly mislead by their own intelligence for survival. 

Rating : 4.5/5