“GOLDEN TIME OF THE KINGS” @ The Original 18th Century French Furniture & Art Objects

A “GOLDEN TIME OF THE KINGS” Exhibition of Original 18th Century French Furniture & Art Objects by The Kraemer Gallery from Paris, since 1875 where the business began was held in Hullett House, Hong Kong recently with the presence of Mikael Kraemer, the owner of the Kraemer Gallery. A special selection of some of the rarest original French antiques of museum quality that were made during the reigns of King Louis XIV (1643-1715), King Louis XV (1720-1774) and King Louis XVI (1774-1793). Names of the most famous masters of the epoch are included - Charles CRESSENT, Bernard II VAN RISEN BURGH (B.V.R.B), Jean Pierre LATZ and François LIEUTAUD.

The dark and golden polychromatic lacquer shows some representations of the Chinese values: <the labour> with the harvest rice plantations, <a family dinner>with parents and kids sharing the same table and their dogs playing in the garden, <education> with a father teaching his son to play a musical instrument, The visitors find a rare opportunity to discover, in a private atmosphere resembling a French Chateau, the precious and beautiful fine furniture of the most preeminent cabinetmakers of the epoch. The Kraemer Collection showcases the highest standard of workmanship with the best quality exotic woods and gilt bronzes created by the top artists of the 18th century.

A pair of Neo Classical Louis XVI tree branches wall lights in chased an gilt bronze, probably by Philippe CAFFIERI, (circa 1770). The Chinese couple is the result of the French imagination about Asian people. The man is wearing a traditional Chinese “Douli” hat and smoking opium. The woman is offering tea, wearing a pearl neck less. This pair of wall lights was probably conceived for a Chinese inspiration room or a pagoda in France.

Pieces of high quality like these can only be seen in major international museums such as Palace of Versailles, the Louvre, Camondo Museum in France, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Munich Residenz Museum in Germany, the Hermitage in St Petersburg, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NewYork and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Today’s tendency for young collectors is to mix the best antiques together with contemporary art. “Hong Kong is a city in perpetual construction bringing together the best of the world. Asian people who visited France or the United States had no idea that what they saw in major museums like the Louvre, Versailles or the Metropolitan Museum actually have parallels twins that exist in private hands, and that these objects could possibly be in their own possession one day in Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing or Shanghai,” said Mikael Kraemer.

A pair of Louis XIV caches pots (circa 1700), in blue Chinese porcelain ornate with French chased and gilt bronze representation of the dragons (Slight difference in size).

"It's very important for my family and I to be in direct contact with the art public. I am adapting the visit and my explanations to their degree of interest, allowing the privileged guests to enjoy the private tours with the maximum level of information and history about the pieces. As heritage of Sun King Louis XIV, France is known worldwide as the center of creativity in Haute Couture, Jewelry, Wine, Gastronomy, and of course in the Art," said Mikael Kraemer.
"The artists would have been very proud to see their art pieces displayed in Asia 300 years after their creation! It's the very first time, people will have the chance to view these rare pieces in Hong Kong. Hullett House in 1881 Heritage is the most appropriate historical venue to recreate the French spirit in Hong Kong, we are very grateful to the city of Hong Kong and to Hullett House for hosting this cultural show” Commented Mikael Kraemer.