MAX&Co. @ SS2014 Collection

MAX&Co. SS2014 collection representing her very own identity, wanting  to be free to experiment and remain true to herself. Mixing colors and patterns, textures and shapes, details and effects. Be romantic and dynamic, draw from the past while living firmly in the present, take a journey, finding my own way through images and ideas. I want to explore different worlds and inspirations, sensations and feelings.

<Sporty Chic> Dynamism gets a sophisticated update: performance fabrics, playful contrasts and feminine shapes. The perfect take on comfort and glamour. The sportswear category is the protagonist, but its identity has been changed: rather than a trend or expression of a passing fad, it has established itself as a genuine lifestyle. The silhouette is precise down to the last millimeter, while the essential simplicity of certain items becomes the ideal sounding board for the details. The bomber jacket has thus been illuminated by metallic highlights and the drawstrings of the safari jackets become basic ornaments, while the sweatshirt – a ubiquitous passepartout – has been decorated with oversized gems. An androgynous appeal pervades every look, maintaining a balance between design and utility; even the accessories get on this exciting new mood: ankle boots and sandals in a graphic alternation between black and white and the return of the backpack, the very emblem of practicality.

<Subtle Radiance> Light as air hemlines, gently ruffled weightless weaves. Embrace your romantic side for a luminous, authentic allure. Embroidery work which seems to have been created with highlights, mixing the most delicate hues of nature with bright beams of sunlight. The result is a shimmering, sumptuous sort of femininity in which the sparkle of crystals, the intricate allure of flowers which run along the fabric and the combination of myriads of jewels maintain an unexpected levity. It’s all about richness and yet nothing seems to be too much: thanks to the minimal lightness of the forms and the delicacy of the tones. The sum of all sorts of elements results in a precious and contemporary mix: cotton lace can be seen beneath constructed fabrics, Lurex embroidery work which recalls brocades with a baroque panache, the dense weaves of jacquards combined with large tapestry patterns, all the way down to the dainty clutch bags, brilliant and futuristic.

<Fresh Tailoring> Sharp lines, graphic prints and monochromatic shades, with an occasional pop of colour. A fresh and feminine take on power dressing. The workwear breaks the rules, giving rise to a new sort of aesthetic in which the quest for an unprecedented, practical way of dressing is combined with the rigor of tailored outfits and suits, leaving the sartorial precision untouched and imbuing everything with force and character. A vital role is played by the color white, unexpectedly showcased, the perfect interpreter of the new forms, of the robe-style jackets which show off the waist and the full, flowing pants. From here one progress to new design solutions, from two-tone double-breasted models to contrasting check prints, from unprecedented, snug-fitting lengths to revamped suits, all the way to herringbone jacquards, an homage to an other great classic of workwear.

<Prints Perfect> Prints are back with a bang. Statement prints with contrasting textures, motifs and embellishments leading the way. The strongest, most forceful style statement of the season comes from an unexpected source: a unique  mix of colors, prints and inspirations with surprising results. Having abandoned rules and conventions, a new approach to coordination has emerged, obliterating clear, sophisticated references. The most classic checks are alternated with micro- and macro pom-pom prints in brilliant tones, while the letters have been transformed into pure graphic expressions, decorating the slim fit pants and recalling the maxi-decoration of the sweatshirt. The final effect is potent, a real feast for the eyes. And the accessories in this case are transformed into luxury complements, achieving a perfect balance between solid tones and so much chromatic opulence.

<Pastel Notes> A dash of summer. Embrace the season’s aesthetic with subtle hues, fluid shapes and a bright glow. Delicate only in appearance, the pastel tones inject a unique luminosity, playing with the materials, transforming them into vibrant, vivacious elements. Thanks to the alternation between form and volume, full and empty, smooth surfaces and textured surfaces animated by intriguing patterns and motifs. The pants sheath the legs, lengthening them, while the blouses are light and flowing, like flower corollas; the knit sweaters are light and impalpable. The dresses tend to oscillate between the essential simplicity of tunics and the classic elegance of sun-dress models which gently cinch the waist. The handbags manage to harmonize with the figure and the movements of the body, taking their cues from its gestures and nuances.