BALLY Celebrate The Opening of The Exhibition @ ‘FORM SCRATCH’

BALLY hosted a cocktail and a private dinner to celebrate the opening of the exhibition ‘FORM SCRATCH’ to honor the work of modernist designers Pierre Jeanneret and Jean Prouvé, where functionality and innovation are also at the core of Bally’s pioneer heritage and cutting-edge spirit. 

This one year-long travelling art exhibition dedicated to modernity, function and innovationCurated by Anissa Touati, this evolving exhibition will make its first stop in Basel, where Bally invited Kolkoz to create a unique art piece inspired by the creators legacy, entitled Form Scratch”. The project is a work in progress and will be continued upon Art Basel Miami and Hong Kong.

Pierre Jeanneret, Swiss born architect and designer worked alongside and often in the shadow of his cousin Le Corbusier. He was a pioneer of the modernist movement and often collaborated with fellow designers and architects Le Corbusier and Jean Prouve. His creativity, ingenuity, humanism and discretion could only captivate Bally. as a tribute, Bally took the decision to assemble a collection dedicated to Pierre Heanneret; a selection of his most iconic furniture including some pieces he created with his friends and collaborators. This collection will be showcased with one of the most emblematic Jean Prouve's houses, one that uses the <compass> gantry crane designed in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret. The nomadic house will serve as a shrine to the travelling exhibition curated by Anissa Touati.

Kolkoz presents monumental piece inspired by thdemountabl house durin the firsstop in BaselThpiece will be suspended over the Rhine in the Basel Harbor with a boat crane attached to the Ostquai.This kit, “Form Scratch”,  resemblin a toy as much as a constructionquestions thchild in us and appeals to our imaginationusing basic techniques oarchitecture. Kolkoz looks aarchitecture in a playful way as modernists did.

The Jean Prouve demountable house, an historic piece of architecture is undergoing renovation funded by Bally. In Basel, the project will be at its beginning. The semi yet to retore and non assembled 6x9 house hosts a dialogue between Jeannerets's furniture and the art piece by Kolkoz. In 6 months, on the occasion of art Basel Maimi, the complete renovation of the house will be revealed in collaboration with another artist that will celebrate the modernist legacy by adding his twist to piece of the existing house. The final chapter of the travelling exhibition will be presented in Hong Kong.