MARINA RINALDI @ SS2014 Collection

MARINA RINALDI SS2014 Collection is a sophisticated femininity, expression of a woman who chooses elegance without going overboard. The ladylike inspiration interprets in a contemporary way the sophisticated charm of the 50s, a decade that has been the catalyst of a style with a timeless appeal, which favors outfits and dresses for daywear and eveningwear. The lines are accurately sculpted over the curves emphasising them like a caress of precious fabrics: shiny satin, stretch crepe, impalpable georgette. The lengths are exclusively at the knee, with a focus on hips and waistline. The little black dress is a timeless must-have in every woman's wardrobe – continues to be the star: the combination with macro dots adds a slight sparkling touch, the crystal applications speak of a strong inclination towards glamour. A fresh bonbon pink emphasises a carefree attitude, for a capsule collection that, after four seasons, continues to be one of Marina Rinaldi's best sellers. <Leather & Lace> Just one colour and two materials for the most focused on of the capsule collections, designed by Marina Rinaldi for the first signs of spring. Ink blue, deep and material-like, evenly and decisively paints a range of lace and leather garments. The contrast of materials is only apparent, by mixing them together they give rise to harmonious models that are romantic and aggressive at the same time, able to express and summarise all the facets of a woman’s personality. The silhouettes are essential and all the outfits outline a small and complete wardrobe in itself. Lace is a must on the slim line trench and short sleeved tunic; cigarette pants also in lace or in leather: then the two materials blend in the three-quarter sleeve or sleeveless tunic, or in the short tight-fitting jacket with a decisive feel.

<Light & Shadow> Marina Rinaldi sophisticated daywear opens up the new season with a brand new proposal, in terms of choice of materials, construction of the outfit and colour combinations, giving rise to an ultra contemporary wardrobe. The Light & Shadows mood expresses itself through the use of dynamic prints that capture the attention: graphics in continuous movement, a sequence of dazzles, reflections and shades that arise from the encounter between yellows and greys, and greens and blues. Like sparks of light, visual effects illuminate a range of outfits in absolute black or powder grey with a sport-chic charm: so that the classic jacket transforms into an aggressive triacetate bomber, the sweatshirt replaces the tunic. Skirts have rounded and asymmetrical hems, trousers are sleek with small zipped slits at the ankle. A lightweight fur waistcoat designed for the change of season between winter and spring, completes the brand's “resort” proposal.

<The New Suit> The suit, the ultimate star of an elegant and contemporary wardrobe, able to dress the different moments and many occasions of a woman's day with the same elegance. Marina Rinaldi reproposes a renewed and reinterpreted version of the suit according to the dictates of the fashion trends, and comes up with a versatile and innovative capsule collection. The New Suit offering multiple solutions and inspiration. First of all, colours light up the range of the most formal proposals: unusual cobalt and coral vibrate alongside the classic anthracite and pearl grey. And prints: floral all over - macro motifs, in more flamboyant shades on a white background, or slightly smaller motifs on a dark background that tend to fade until they dissolve into the fabric. The jackets are often long and slide down the hips or have masculine lines with a tailor-like feel; three-quarter length sleeves and cinched waistline in certain models introduce unexpected feminine elements. Sleek line trousers or those with a more flowing silhouette, but also skirts for those who wish to soften the rigorous looks of jackets.

 <Marina Sport> An easy and relaxed mood taking its inspiration from days spent in the open air, ideal also for city life for the woman who loves to dress young and casual. Denim continues to be the star: alternating different weights, washing and treatments on trousers, shirts, jackets, the timeless sportswear classics that are often renewed in their proportions and combinations. The colours are delicate and powder-like: light blue, powder pink, white, very pale shades of grey and the classic sand colour of chinos. The prints have an American Wild West feel, the sweatshirts are enriched by embroidery on the sleeves. The skirts are long, wide, with lots of pleats: worn with light knitwear pieces and blouson jackets, or with masculine shirts. A variety of accessories to play with, wide shawls to wrap around the neck, soft boots, feather necklaces, with which to create different looks depending on the feel of the moment.