CABESTAN @ A New Legend in Swiss Haute Horlogerie

CABESTAN ~ a new legend in Swiss Haute Horlogerie produces outstanding design and exquisite functions watches. Based in the Vallée de Joux, the cradle of Swiss high watchmaking, independent watchmaker Cabestan has been developing incredible models of unique and ultra-luxurious timepieces in the past decade. Timepieces from Cabestan are based on the manufacture’s famous vertical oriented movement, a real signature of its Vertical Emotion collection. The man behind these masterpieces, Eric Coudray, one of the most renowned master watchmakers in the world, is the inventor of the famous GyroTourbillon. Bringing to Cabestan his over 20 years of experience, Eric Coudray has been intriguing the watchmaking scene with products made to his incredibly high standards. All Cabestan timepieces are limited editions and are designed, machined, assembled and decorated by hand by Eric Coudray and his team; the watches’ fusee and chain constant force power system and vertical tourbillon ensure the utmost accuracy. The driver of the inspiration comes from different models over identification with natural elements. Cabestan defies the elements to master space and time: the oceans, the mountains and the sky.

Geometric shapes are the foundations of design. The case of the Cabestan Trapezium is based on quadrilaterals with parallel and non-parallel sides. The result is a harmonious mixture of geometries that is ingeniously aesthetic and uniquely Cabestan. Its sapphire crystals, side windows and case back showcase the intricacies of the miniature chain, the fusee, the myriad wheels and drums, and the vertical tourbillon within. The high-grade titanium case is noticeably tilted towards the wearer to enable comfortable legibility. The Cabestan Trapezium is a limited edition of 135 pieces.

 <Winch Tourbillon Vertical>
Thinking out of the box. Parting with conventions. Daring to be bold and ingenious. The genesis of the Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical was creativity at its best. The challenge is to design a highly technical movement that is unique and visually exciting, and to showcase it in an elegant, yet dramatic manner. The movement, engineered by Eric Coudray, is amazingly precise. The miniature fusee and chain perfectly compensate for the loss of torque in the mainspring and deliver a constant force to the vertical tourbillon. Unlike conventional tourbillon wristwatches, the tourbillon of Cabestan timepieces is placed vertically – the only effective way for the tourbillon to properly deliver its function of compensating for the Earth’s gravity. The Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical is a limited edition of 135 pieces.

<Luna Nera>
Cabestan Master Watchmaker Eric Coudray is flexing his creativity again on the latest Cabestan masterpiece, the Luna Nera, adding an original moon phase display on top of the movement’s complicated fusee and chain system and vertical tourbillon. A radical departure from ordinary moon phase displays found on common wristwatches, the three-dimensional moon, right at the centre of the watch, is clearly visible through the giant sapphire crystal along with all its intricate mechanisms and displays. The 7.4mm sphere makes a total rotation within 29.5 days, just like a real moon phase. Ingenuity and exclusive techniques enable Cabestan to break conventions and bring innovation, reflecting the values of the cradle of the origin of the products, the Vallée de Joux.