Joyce Jonathan @ Caractère

French Sweetheart and multi talented linguistic singer/composer Joyce Jonathan latest LP <CARACTERE> with nine out of eleven tracks compose and co-compose by her very self as well as Fabien Nataf, Tom Graffin, Assane Attye and Laurent Lamarca. Jonathan's music is simple with straight forward melodies and lyric capture most teen's heart while they begin to fall in love with the one they thought they could spend the rest of their life with. The sweet sixteen drams may lead to the cruel reality ends when the truth revealed eventually. Somehow for some who buy into that pure and innocence, they could possibly have the best fond memories retain for the rest of their life. If your like cheerful folk pop, the 20 years old self taught guitarist's sweet and clear voice with her acoustic guitar strumming may remind of you the female Jason Mraz's early stage music. Unfortunately in <CARACTERE>, her very music and singing style unchanged and on going with the same pattern of music steam and singing doesn't really give much in character showing any further progress from her previous album. You may love her music genre while playing one or two tracks but listening to more tracks may lead you to boredom with lots of similarity in her music production. Some even rated it as children music instead it is for teen. It is not too challenging with any surprises and lacking in sophistication and elaboration. For a light weight pop, this is as good as it gets, the truth character is missing even with her usual linguistic "show off" in her remake two tracks in Mandarin (as usual) from <Ca Ira> & <Caractere> showing only just the monotonous flat tunes singing out loud without much soul in Mandarin to woo her fans in Asia, perhaps.

Rating : 2.5/5