agnès b. @ 2014 Homme Collection

agnès b. 2014 Homme Collection the story begins when Agnès reminisced a road trip in Iceland following a vision from her past visit. A casual style with youthfulness and innocence is presented. Pants appeared in different shapes, such as cargo pants, bermudas and sarouel pants for easy mix and match. Light materials such as cheesecloth and jersey are associated to numerous numeric or artist tee shirts, shirts, and pants. Same print from artist Kleber Matheus on Femme white dress inherits to Homme tee shirt. Fresh and bleech colours stand out in green, yellow and in different shades of blue. French artist Vincent Michéa, who is best known for graphic design, presents a digital photoprint hooded top and a bermuda which lead the story to a fitting finish.

<Trader> illustrates executive looks on both weekends and working days. For a more urban and casual style, an emblematic agnès b. wardrobe is proposed. For example a leather bomber or a trench coat. Colour palette is mainly represented by different shades of beige and black but with a touch of yellow offered in a molleton to express a leisure touch. Undoubtedly, an executive’s day to day dresscode is an elegant suit. Noble and rich materials such as woolen cloth, cotton poplin and calfskin are proposed. Image of a business trader is sculptured. <Un artist> (An artist) Agnès b. has always devoted herself on art related projects. She has been surrounded and inspired by countless of artists, not only through her own art gallery but also with artist tees she has always carried and continued carrying in her stores. Charles Derenne, french artist, brings the collection to the artistic edge. Comfort is also an essential element in this story. Leisure shapes are proposed such as cotton shirts, pants and tops.

<Un Chinois> (A Chinese) Agnès b. pays tribute to her longtime friend from China through a pastel color palette bringing out a sense of freshness. Young and preppy looks are presented in floral prints while checked patterns are created on shirts for a summer touch. Materials are mostly cotton but we also found lambskin and numeric prints on polyester. As part of China, photo of The Center and scaffolding taken by Agnès are printed on shirt and kimono wrap around, presenting her love to Hong Kong city. <Un gentleman> (A gentleman) Within a blink of an eye, Agnès brings us from China to Britain adding a “British touch” to the collection. A revisited classic wardrobe is proposed to unveil an English gentleman behind the curtain. A casual and chic beige tone palette is proposed in soft beige and grey including flower prints and a spice of yellow which add a little excitement to a decant gentleman look.

<Un rocker> (A rocker) Rock n’ Roll music belongs to Agnès b.’s world. Echoing « Rock n’ Roll is not dead » in femme collection, rocker style continues to fill the story. Cropped and fitted pants are keys. Black is associated with sharp colours, lime green, flashing green and orange reinforcing graphic aspect to this story. The contrasting color combination brings the collection to extreme edginess. <Un Japonais> (A Japanese) Agnès b. celebrated the brand’s 30 year anniversary of presence in Japan. Around a blue and white color palette, this story is pointed out with border tops, flower prints and printed tee shirts. Parka with lining details is paired with printed shirts and numeric tee-shirt. As a salute to Japan, key piece between tradition and modernity is come up with a numeric kimono. <Un musician de charme> (A charming musician) George is a long time musician friend to Agnès. His preppy style is the origin of inspiration for this collection and makes the story go from rock style to playful silhouette. Bold use of color combination makes the collection quirky yet chic. Sharp orange jacket with strip collar in turquoise blue, rosy shirt and light green print shirt depict the artistic musician style.