Starbucks Hong Kong Introduces New Mooncake Flavors

Starbucks Hong Kong takes inspirations from customers' favorite Starbucks beverages to create four indulgent, new mooncake flavors, including Mocha Praline,Espresso & Almond, Hojicha Tea & Osmanthus and Green Tea & Red Bean. The four unique mooncake flavors that Starbucks Hong Kong is introducing are created with ‘Tou-San’ crust, which infuses a splash of healthiness and freshness into the mooncakes. ‘Tou-San’ crust originated from Kyoto, Japan, and has long been used in making Wagashi, a traditional Japanese confectionery. The soft, chewy white bean paste is light in oil and sweetness, which gives a healthy and refreshing treat that differs from traditional mooncakes. Enjoy it with aromatic tea or rich coffee for a joyous festive celebration with family and friends under the moon.

The two newly introduced Mocha Praline and Espresso & Almond flavors are best paired with rich, roasty coffee. Mocha Praline is a delightful combination of bittersweet Starbucks® Mocha and crispy hazelnut, creating every bite of deliciousness that is rich in taste and texture. Infusing one of Starbucks’ absolute classic, Starbucks® Espresso, with an addition of crunchy almonds, the Espresso & Almond makes a scrumptious treat that is truly irresistible for all coffee lovers. Two other flavors, Hojicha Tea & Osmanthus and Green Tea & Red Bean, are undoubtedly the perfect companion to a cup of aromatic tea. Hojicha Tea & Osmanthusis made by adding theStarbucks® Hojicha tea powder in its mooncake crust, paired with a sweet-scented Osmanthus filling for an impeccable Asian-styled combination. The mooncake crust of the Green Tea & Red Beanis made with Starbucks® green tea powder, paired with sweet red bean filling to create an irresistible temptation for your taste buds!