BREMONT @ Quintessentially British Legendarily Endurable

Since the debut of its first timepiece in 2007, BREMONT, the British aviation watchmaker has been enlightening the world of watchmaking with its delicacy, precision, creativity and the determination of “Tested Beyond Endurance” through its wide range of beautifully crafted timepieces. Founded by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont vows to create the toughest watches not only to be worn in the boardroom, but also to survive the toughest of conditions with their wearers. The brothers have very high demands for the Bremont collection, to enable the watches to be worn and trusted under all circumstances.

“Tested Beyond Endurance” has been the spirit of Bremont ever since inception. Nick and Giles were passed on the passion for engineering and aviation by their father, Dr. Euan English, who was an ex-RAF pilot as well as a devotee in restoring historic aircrafts and timepieces. All three English men were deemed excellent pilots with exceptional flying skills. Unfortunately, on one clear day in March 1995, when the father and sons were practising for an air display, the 1942 WWII Harvard aircraft Nick and Euan were flying was involved in an

Nick broke over 30 bones while his father was tragically killed. The accident inspired the brothers that life is too short that they have got to follow their dream to do what they are truly passionate about to craft beautifully engineered mechanical timepieces. Soon after the accident, Nick and Giles made their way back to the sky to continue their love of flying and the love of their father; it was on one of these trips that they found themselves caught in severe weather conditions over the Champagne region in France. They made an emergency landing and were fortunately taken in by a kind-hearted French farmer who was not only a former WWII pilot but shared their love for both aircrafts and watches, he reminded the brothers of their own father. His name, Antoine Bremont, was chosen to grace this range of British watches with his passions in life mirroring closely those of the brothers and their late father.

Nick and Giles English founded the brand in 2002, but Bremont Watch Company only launched its range of highly developed aviation inspired timepieces in 2007. The company spent a thorough five years in research and development where the watches underwent extensive testing. Not only has each product gone through long hours of lab testing, but the watches have also been tested “in the field” by a wide range of adventurers and explorers, from flying to polar and deep-sea exploration, to ensure that each and every watch is sufficiently accurate and durable enough to be relied on in the harshest of conditions. With “Tested Beyond Endurance” being the company maxim, all Bremont timepieces are to be tested above and beyond the demands placed upon conventional wristwatches.

Nick and Giles were determined to make timepieces that would last more than a lifetime so to this end all Bremont timepieces are made from the best available materials and using the most tried and tested techniques. “Tested Beyond Endurance” is more than a promise to all Bremont enthusiasts but also an ethos to be fulfilled. Bremont takes pride in the design, specification and quality of materials it uses. With the most advanced technologies at its disposal, every single Bremont timepiece is nothing short of iconic. Nine layers of anti-reflective treatment, which come with a Mohs hardness rating of 9, are applied to both sides of the sapphire crystals, and B-EBE2000 hardening technology makes Bremont watch cases an average of seven times harder and more scratch resistant than common wristwatch materials.

Bremont also uses a unique three-part Trip-Tick® case design, which allows the cases to be crafted from different materials. Almost all of the Bremont wristwatches are chronometers, with the accuracy of movements tested and certified by an official 15-day series of tests by C.O.S.C. (Contrôle Officiel des Chronomètres) in Switzerland over a range of temperatures and five physical positions. A movement becomes C.O.S.C. certified only if it achieves an average daily deviation rate between -4 and +6 seconds. For certain models Bremont has developed special anti-magnetic technology and an anti-shock movement mount that allows the watches to withstand the most rigorous vibrations including the force of being ejected from an aircraft in an ejection seat.

Bremont is proud to work with a variety of partners to create remarkable timepieces that also make advancements in watchmaking technology. For example Bremont has a long-standing partnership with Martin-Baker, a British aviation company responsible for supplying 70% of the world’s air-forces with fighter ejection seat technology. The Bremont MB range of watches has undergone the same rigorous testing programme as the seats themselves as well as having been tested on live ejection launches. It has become a best-selling range for the brand.


The unique case design and the ground-breaking technical features made it an instant favourite among aviators in the military and civilian world alike. In 2014, Bremont announced its latest long-term partnership with The Boeing Company. Utilising the aircraft manufacturer’s extensive experience in advanced material research, the brand creates its Bremont Boeing timepieces with Custom 465® Stainless Steel, the strongest of all commercially available stainless steel alloys, as well as Boeing aviation-grade Ti-64 titanium, setting a new industry standard for aviation watchmaking. These materials used in aerospace have never before been used in watchmaking.