NARCISO @ The New Fragrance From Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez introduces its new fragrance NARCISO that defines sensuality with a modern kind of elegance. A man once shared with Narciso that  "Every time my wife puts on one of your dresses, we never leave the house."   In the spirit of this sentiment,  Narciso Rodriguez presents a new fragrance that celebrates a woman’s powers of seduction with the utmost luxury. NARCISO embraces a modern femininity that’s both assertive and elusive,  illuminating the universal magic of seduction and attraction. The fragrance’s name, NARCISO, is a nod to the designer’s first name and more; it has a universal force that resonates in mythology and romanticism.  The story of Narcissus is not only about the reflection of oneself; it implies an eternal love story that applies to every woman’s seductive presence and the mysterious means of attraction. NARCISO reflects and embraces the enigma of passion and seduction.

Narciso Rodriguez reveals an audacious vision signaling a new direction in perfumery. NARCISO reinterprets the alchemy of attraction as he challenges a traditionally masculine vetiver-based scent.  A disarming duality lends the fragrance depth and intrigue: strength and vulnerability,  rawness and refinement. Ultimately, NARCISO is a uniquely sexy fragrance. The fragrance transforms notes of vetiver, the most elegant note from the classic woody family, with a daring olfactory composition that encapsulates intense femininity.  While musk remains the signature heart of the scent, it’s a voluptuous musk softened by amber, providing warmth and sensuality.  Assertive woody notes of vetiver and luminous white and dark cedars meet tender florals, lucid gardenia and soft radiant bulgarian rose to create a singular synthesis both bold and subtle. The result:  A seductive most feminine fragrance that lingers and endures.

From the distinctive eye of a purist comes a bottle that personifies fine artistry and eloquence. Evolving from a simple square, the cube evokes the designer’s signature tenets: beauty and logic. Within the transparent glass cube, a soft sculpted half-oval floats, made of stone-white lacquer. “The stone-white color of the bottle was matched to a stone I found  on the shore in Cypress on a visit to Aphrodite’s birthplace,” explains Narciso Rodriguez, adding a serendipitous turn to the mythical romance of NARCISO’s creation. The signature rectangular top is a creamy matte nude, juxtaposed against the glistening glass bottle, while the black logo stands out - clean, simple and assertive. “I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance that would turn a man’s head. I have always been conscious of the way men look at women, how women seduce men, and this inspires my work and the way I see women. Narciso is such an uncommon name and one can’t help but think of the Greek myth of Narcissus. There is so much history attached to the myth and so many romantic narratives suggested by it. The sensuality that is present in my work is due in part to my Latin heritage. I strive to celebrate women's sexuality, her sensuality, and to do it in a graceful way, not in an overbearing way. Black, white and nude are my essential colors,” says Rodriguez, “Each time I start a collection, I start with these colors; they are the elemental colors we refer to from the beginning." Said Narciso Rodriguez

Raquel Zimmerman embodies a passionate femininity, an innate sensuality and a sublime grace and beauty. In the image, she reflects desire in a gesture of classic seduction,  gazing over her shoulder suggestively yet knowingly.  Raquel Zimmerman radiates an ineffable glamour, a fresh natural beauty and supreme confidence, as she effortlessly captures the enigmatic nature of female duality. As the consummate Narciso Rodriguez woman, she defines transcendent beauty and elegance. A tribute to modern femininity. NARCISO signals a vital transformation for Narciso Rodriguez’s iconic fragrance collection without sacrificing the couture sensibility and timeless sensuality of the modern classic, for her.  NARCISO embodies the mercurial nature of attraction and embraces the extremes of seduction with utmost grace. The epitome of unassuming elegance and intrepid sensuality, the Narciso Rodriguez woman seduces without artifice.