PRADA @ Made To Order Lace-Up Shoes

PRADA Made to Order lace-up shoes project offers a wide range of options to create a truly personal, customised shoe. Each model can be made in 32 different colour variations in order to have a single shade shoe in cobalt blue, scarlet, mango, soleil, white etc, or in one of the two-tone combinations, such as scarlet and black, mercury and white, and black and white, to name but a few.

The five different coloured Micro soles complete the colour palette. In addition to the brushed calfskin, fine leathers such as crocodile and python are also available. The resulting product is a shoe that embodies the client's personal preferences and specific choices. Once the colour and material have been selected, the customer's initials can be branded in a gold colour on the sole.

This exclusive Prada Made to Order lace-up shoes service will be available at Prada Alexandra House store from now on. The shoes are ready for delivery approximately 60 days after the order.

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