Harry Winston @ Zalium Collection

Harry Winston introduces a sleek new line of men’s jewelry and accessories that perfectly blends sophistication with modern innovation:  the Zalium Collection. Originating in the aerospace industry, Zalium is a proprietary zirconium-based alloy that first debuted at Harry Winston in 2001 as part of the House’s innovative timepiece collections. The unique chemical properties of Zalium, including its lightness and extreme durability, make it the ideal material for use in high-performance design and engineering.

 With the new Zalium Collection, Harry Winston designers and craftsmen introduce the high-tech material to fine jewelry for the first time, with a sleek new series of men’s accessories, including cufflinks, shirt studs, pendant and wedding bands. Each piece is meticulously crafted using Zalium plates that have been treated at extreme temperatures to achieve a lustrous black finish that is highly scratch and chip resistant. Precision-cut for the ultimate fit and finish, the individual Zalium plates are handset within an 18 karat white gold bezel and accented with a Harry Winston diamond, for a modern look that is both refined and cutting-edge.