Marc by Marc Jacobs…A Character @ After Party in Hong Kong

Recreating the spirit of New York's FW2014 runway show, the “Marc by Marc Jacobs…A Character” fashion meets art installation by Marc by Marc Jacobs' Creative Director, Katie Hillier brought a whole new energy to Hong Kong and held a presentation and after party in Hong Kong recently.

“Marc girl is rebellious above all. She wants to be part of a cultural scene and in on the nuance without looking predictable. An individual within the tribe. Part manga ninja, part motocross rider, part Japanese culture junkie, part cute utilitarian girl. Her look and energy are infectious and charming. She has an attitude and a bravery with the way she dresses and an inherent contrariness that goes against existing trends. Fashion is important to her but once she has sufficient knowledge she can start to mess with its values, have fun with it. Music and art and culture and sharp wit are also integral to her existence.”Said Katie Hillier.

An intimate after party was held with Katie’s good friend DJ Nathan G. Wilkens from UK who spun the deck. An array of fashion influencers like Korean pop-artiste Chaelin (CL) and Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang also flew in from the region.

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