Lancôme’s New Parisian Muse @ Caroline de Maigret

Lancôme announced its new Parisian muse Caroline de Maigret, the creative figure of many talents. In addition to being a model and music producer, Caroline de Maigret is one of the most fascinating examples of the Parisian woman. This is due to her style, of course, which is regularly reported in detail after a concert or runway show: an ultra-chic casualness that elevates careful nonchalance to the ultimate form of sophistication. Everything about her and especially the fact that she is the granddaughter of a minister who himself is a descendent of a Polish king and a French empress. She is therefore aristocratic, but free, with an eclectic taste that perfectly and effortlessly reconciles an edgy rock feel and good manners. She is so many things: the muse of designers whom she inspires before walking the runway for them, because she gives life to their creations (attitude is an art mastered by Parisians…); the companion and associate of musician Yarol Poupaud with whom she created Bonus Tracks Records and Yarock Productions; the favourite subject of the most renowned photographers of the last two decades; a woman from the fashion world, but one who prefers style in its every form to fashion itself; a strong woman, above all, with great intellectual curiosity and an exceptional grasp of people and things. The brand saw Caroline de Maigret as an expert with whom they could have an intelligent discussion in order to better transmit a different, liberating form of beauty, a smart mix of indulgence and perfectionism, carefreeness and commitment.  A collaboration that has only just begun and that will truly take off in 2015 with the creation and development of an original makeup collection dreamt up by Caroline de Maigret down to the very last detail, and with other isolated interventions.