CHEVIGNON @ SS2014 Collection

CHEVIGNON SS2014 collection presents a tie-dye blending the summer colors from France for the cheerful season. The House enriches the colorful collection with different techniques, and creates fascinating looks by merging fashionable styles with artistic tie-dye patterns.

It is a celebration of remarkable skills and techniques and the delightful French summer colors injecting a refreshing breeze into the summer wardrobe. The exquisite pieces have been dip-dyed repeatedly to complement the silhouettes, highlighting the bold and chic design. The unique gradient colors further accentuate the kaleidoscopic effect. Apart from the classic blue denim, the collection also ignites the season with a bold palette of azure, hot red, emerald green and sharp yellow, perfecting the cool look with a touch of French chic.

Another signature of the new collection is the combination of premium fabric and hand-executed techniques. The layers of colors are created by various rubbing techniques that involve bleaching with permanganic acid and hand-painting five layers of oil colors to reveal an eye-catching layered effect. Girl's favorite denim shorts also have a brand-new look.

Chic The 3D sophisticated did-bleached effect and the raw hems make them the must-have items for the summer. The sleeveless denim shirt dip-dyed repeatedly features a nice color gradient and offers endless matching possibilities to reflect the French romantic style.

The new collection also presents various designs with a trendsetting palette, such as pants and tops in pastel blue, light yellow, emerald green and bright orange, unveiling the seasonal playful charm.