PRADA @ SS2014 Eyewear Collection

PRADA SS2014 Eyewear for women features two entirely different stylistic approaches. The Prada Voice special collection is all about thick profiles, bold shapes, strong hues and colorful irregular cut stones, which define women at the heart of the “multitudes”. Vintage-inspired silhouettes and bold volumes define the Prada women’s sunglasses collection. With their skillfully manufactured bold acetate frames and sinuous lines, the new glasses assert a strong, forthright personality but convey an undeniably feminine appeal.

Gone are the thick profiles, replaced by a clean, simple design and an ultra-lightweight feel; the profiles soften, lending a delicate, understated note to the new Prada optical frames for women.

The collection for men flaunts sophisticated finishes. An inspired blend of acetate and metal gives life to recherché, harmonious shapes in the Prada Society special collection. The double bridge, presented in a unique “upside down” version, is a key theme replicated throughout the entire collection that reflects the brand’s great attention to detail.

The pursuit of simplicity and essentialism is a common thread in the Prada men’s optical frames collection. The new ultra-lightweight models feature bold lines and fine metal details on the temples, conveying the brand’s intention to blend a classic flair with signature detailing.