Anna Molinari Opens A Permanent Exhibition Space @ The Museum of The City of Carpi

Anna Molinari opens a permanent exhibition space in the Museum of the City of Carpi dedicated to Blumarine recently, an enterprise born in Carpi in 1977 and, since then, always linked to the city and its territory. The setting, curated by Anna Molinari in collaboration with the Directorate of the Museum, is conceived to celebrate the tailoring of garments, the quality of fabrics and the preciousness of the brand’s trademark embroideries.

The itinerary, intended to establish an elaborate and peculiar relationship with the designs, brings to life an “interactive wardrobe“ with which visitors will be able to experiment a multisensory contact with the exposed dresses and accessories, playing with visual, acoustic and odour perceptions while having the opportunity to touch the garments for a unique tactile experience that is quite uncommon in museum halls.

The exhibition space dedicated to Blumarine is hosted by the Museum of the City of Carpi, which reopened on March 1st and is located in the second section of the open gallery of the museum complex of Palazzo dei Pio. “This Museum narrates the lives of the men and women that “made” Carpi during 35 centuries of history. Characters of a near and far past, including Alberto Pio, Bernardino Ramazzini, Matilde di Canossa, Manfredo Fanti, Ciro Menotti and Alfredo Bertesi, but also those of present day. A space dedicated to one of the companies that spreads the name of Carpi in the world everyday and whose Creative Director is a woman, Anna Molinari, could not fail to be included. The designer has also recently been awarded by our city with the Civic Certificate of Merit for a 15-year-long support to the cultural activities of the Museums”, explains the Mayor of Carpi Enrico Campedelli.

“I am grateful to the Municipal Administration and to the Directorate of the Museums for granting me the opportunity to exhibit Blumarine creations in the evocative setting of the museum complex of Palazzo Pio. The importance of this project lies in the historic reminiscence of the most significant landmarks of Blumarine and in the chance offered to every visitor to, not only admire the displayed pieces, but also interact with them through a multisensory approach. A journey that begins with the materials used to create the garments and arrives to the photographic interpretation of the most important fashion photographers”, explains Anna Molinari.

“The exhibition space dedicated to Blumarine and envisioned by the Museum of Carpi, strengthens the ever-existing bond between the city and Blufin, which is deeply rooted and has developed in the textile and garment district of Carpi benefitting from the local manufactures’ know-how, characterized by a deep knowledge of knitwear. I am firmly convinced that the prominence given to our brand is testimony to the foresight of the Directorate of the Museums and the Municipal Administration to preserve and enhance local business ventures that were able to promote the excellence of Made in Italy around the world”, says Gian Guido Tarabini, Sole Administrator of Blufin.