shu uemura @ New Drawing Pencils

shu uemura new drawing pencils inspired by the shu uemura Atelier’s professional palette, offers rich variations in colour and texture bringing you a new joy and freedom in make-up. shu uemura’s beloved waterproof  eyeliner has been upgraded to a new soft touch; a gliding, blendable formula, and an intense colour payoff in 21 shades and 4 exciting textures.

The next generation of Drawing Pencil invites both professional make-up artists and real woman to play with colour and texture the new way. The 21-rich artist's selected colour palette has been created to be mixed and matched, drawn on and blended, for an infinite amount of creative colour waves. Balance the four textures, define and frame eyes beautifully with the ten dark shades, brighten with 11 pops of colour, or blend together for your fresh colour statement to create bigger, natural looking eyes thanks to a blendable formula that makes shadow grading easy. Explore and play with colours and textures.    All shades are designed to suit all skin colours, specifically the 10 shades* which are used to define and frame the eyes. The 21 shades come in 4 different textures: matte (M), pearl (P), metallic (ME) and glitter (G).

The secret lies in the formula
Science and art together combine with the brand’s pioneering spirit to create cutting-edge make-up: long lasting but soft textured, waterproof but high colour blendable formulas were achieved by the intricate combination of polymers and waxes with volatile solvents.

Strong wear, long lasting & water proof
Combination of 2 polymers, a rigid silicon polymer and a flexible silicon polymer offer a good adhesion and flexibility for long wear. When color sets on the skin, the volatile solvent evaporates for a long-lasting water-resistant finish. The NEW formula is now resistant to smudging, sebum and sweat for 12 hours.

Soft texture, blendable colour, intense colour pay off
The blend of double waxes allows soft & smooth drawing while staying solid for easy, controlled application that can fill in the small gaps at the lash root – so soft, the line can be blended into skin for natural definition, or be blended into other colours for glamorous gradation. Soft texture allows intense and instant colour pay-off.