MIDTOWN GRILL @ A Classic American Steak House in Copenhagen

To be honest, finding a restaurant in Copenhagen is not a difficult task but if you were to op for something specific, you may as well get some good recommendation, especially from the locals. By doing a little bit of homework, you will always get something unexpected and more than the norm could offer in return. Danish culinary is known for its creativity with the natural products and ingredients used in their cooking. MIDTOWN GRILL was recommended before we even set foot in Copenhagen and a booking was made with a special menu being put together by their new Head Chef, Jonas Bak. Anticipation is killing and we all know that good things worth the wait. Without further enquiry, we decided to find out the moment of truth when we get there......

MIDTOWN GRILL is a casual dining and classic American steak house in Copenhagen that serves great steaks, Chops and seafood in town. Hold on a minute, we traveled this far from Asia and yet we are looking for some American Steak House while in Scandinavia? There must be some wrong kind of right but we decided to hold our fire and give it a go since there were some recommendations given. Reservation was made at 8pm and while we walked in to the restaurant, the kitchen was already heat up with steam and noise, it seems right for the first impression. The restaurant is huge and with friendly and not so uptight setting, it is rather modern, contemporary in style and chic. There are different cuts of the meats spelled out on the walk with hand written white chalk to let diners to have a more understanding with the cut of the meat. A smart move with such a cool idea. The restaurant was half fulled and yet we were still very lucky to be able to get a table by the window over looking the water at Christianhavn. Probably it was one of the best seats in the house with the big window look out while watching the world goes by with bight natural lights beaming in with a smile. We were happy for that table arrangement.

After ten minutes of waiting (also some times spent on looking at the view across the water of Christianhavn), here comes our server for the evening, Adrian who came with a bottle of BESTHIEM Cremant D'Alsace Brut from France instead of The Nicolas Feuillattee Brut on our special arranged wine pairing menu. Before we pop the question to Adrian, the Brut was poured and Adrian explained that it could have been a tiny mistake and he would bring us the Nicolas Feuillattee while we are sipping the BESTHIEM Brut. Why not? the night is still young and here we are to wine and dine.

After a toast to begin the evening with anticipation, we had a look at the menu. Chef Jonas Bak had created a special menu for us From the <Lake> to the <Ocean> and then back from the <Forest> to the <Garden>. We loved the name already immediately after reading it. Isn't it this is what you can could get best from this region from its nature with seasonal flavors and local ingredients? The excitement increased and we told ourselves "let see until we have tasted it"

We started from the <Lake> A Homemade Salmon Terrine with Herb Creme Fraiche & Asparagus. The terrine is incredibly creamy with the fresh herbs used to enhance the flavor. The texture is not as rich as you might have thought and yet is a well paired dish with the French Nicolas Feuillattee Brut.

While we were still enjoying the <Lake>, Adrian came back and poured us the Pouilly Fume white wine for us to get ready to sail to the <Ocean> Brill fish & Julienne roots & Sand Fire.  The Brill was well poached to maintain the texture without going too old. We were very impressed of the seasonal green roots used, the coral look-a-like asparagus green roots is crunchy and with a hint of sweetness that made the best compliment to the Brill. The dry Pouilly Fume from the Sauvignon Blanc grape makes this dish much more enjoyable. We can't help but to ask Adrian for a second helping while waiting for our next course.

Our next course, we traveled back to the land and entering the <Forest> for a "Hunger Game' - The Venison with Parsnip Pure & Blackberries. The venison was perfectly in pink and in great tenderness. The giant blackberries and parsnip helps bring down the gaminess intense flavor and then to balance distinctive taste. There is no further words to describe this dish until you have tasted it yourself. Simply out of this world. The Chilean Block Selection Reserve La Playa Pinot Noir 2012 harvested by hand with 100% Pinot Noir grapes is a seductive light-bodied garnet color with lovely fresh raspberry with a hints of rose petals on the nose. The smooth tannins with a bright fruity finish is simple ideal for Venison and game dishes.

All's well shall ends well even though I am not really a dessert person, while we made our way back to the <Garden>, Chef Jonas Bak's traditional red berries Rrødgrød (a sweet fruit dish with cream/milk) will knock your socks off. It is refreshing with the right balance between the milk and red berries used despite sugar were added to intensify the flavor. We could have asked for another helping if we have room to accommodate.

Nonetheless, our dining experience in MIDTWON GRILL really impressed us with the modern culinary style of cooking. With that, what else does it matter when an enjoyable evening with thoughtful hearty meals and perfect company. It deserve another SKÅL!!!

Food : 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience : 3.5/5

Kalvebod Brygge 5
Copenhagen Marriott Hotel
Tel: +45 88 33 12 31