HALMILTON Longed-For Aircraft Arrives in Hong Kong

HAMILTON longed-for aircraft arrives in Hong Kong and is now exhibiting at Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan till 31st of July, 2014. The history between Hamilton and aviation began in 1919, and has been never-ending ever since. Accurate Hamilton timepieces have played an influential role in the development of the aviation history. As a salute to its success in the aviation industry, the brand is working with Swiss aircraft manufacturer MSW Aviation and bringing the branded, orange and black VOTEC 221 mock-up plane on a series of world tours. Built on a 1:1 basis using components qualified for real aircrafts, it has a wingspan of 20.7 feet, a length of over 19.5 feet, a height of around 5.25 feet and a weight of about 1,000 pounds. 

The exhibition is displaying Hamilton’s signature aircraft as well as the the latest timepiece highlights showcased at BASELWORLD this year including the Hamilton Khaki X-Wind and Hamilton Pan Europ. Hamilton Khaki X-Wind is a specially-designed limited edition aviation watch with sophisticated design that houses a drift-angle calculator to satisfy the technical and aesthetic demands of all aviation enthusiasts. For Hamilton Pan Europ, its fashionable and sporty design featuring a high-performance automatic movement would definitely be a reliable partner for sport lovers. The two timepieces with more-than-fulfilling functions as well as trend-setting designs are definitely nothing short of iconic.

The enthusiasm for flying has never faded in Hamilton’s blood. Showing the support to the industry, Hamilton is sharing its deep-rooted passion with its Ambassador, Nicolas Ivanoff. The world-famous French aerobatic pilot started his flying experience when he was 20, while Hamilton also first started being recruited to use its watches and navigation instruments when the brand was in its 20s. The brand worked hand in hand with Ivanoff not only to assist in flying, but also contributing to the brand’s development in aviation watches. The aircraft displayed in this exhibition is a replica of the one piloted by Ivanoff.