BURT'S BEES @ A Celebration of 30 Years Time-tested Beauty

BURT'S BEES celebrates 30 years of time-tested beauty to keep making people's lives better everyday by producing natural products that nourish your skin, for a natural beauty all your own. Burt's bees classi collection has proven it for the past 30 years. This could only be made possible with the generous support from our sponsor - The Mother Nature. From the classix Beeswax Lip Balm containing the pure waxes, striaght from the honeycomb; the Orange Essence Facial Cleanser, with an excellent source of Vitamin C giving strong antioxidant effect; to the all-time customer favorite Garden Tomato Toner, a natural cosmetic that helps tighten pores, leaving skin smoother, firmer and more finely textured that do wonders for your skin, naturally.