agnès b. SS2014 @ Femme Collection

agnès b. SS2014 women collection starts with a mild story playing with a chic and sober grey and white color palette. Looks are elegantly enhanced by fluid and refined fabrics, bringing a tinge of tenderness to the skin. Summer tweed is associated with viscose and cotton net. The texture gives the outfits structural shapes tailored to a formal feminine silhouette living in cosmopolitan. Matching with small white collars, sobriety is toned down with softness. On aime les couleurs, non? (We love the colors, right?) Colorful attires extend from winter to summer. This collection is a pop story around a graphic program in primary colors. Materials are mostly stretch cotton, molleton, and jersey which create the perfect blend of style and comfort. Key item in this story is the new snap cardigan with a removable hood. Snap cardigan has evolved to become the fashion empire’s most iconic and signature silhouettes. This season, it transformed as a hoodie which generate a sense of sportiness. Dresses and skirts are mini for younger looks.

Black and white is always the timeless element for agnès b. casual chic look. This season, it is enriched with the design from a Brazilian neon artist Kleber Matheus. His design is printed on plain white dress. Matheus, best known for neon light art installation has been working on light texture for over 10 years. He has exhibited works worldwide, recent one includes Dépaysement in agnès b. gallery space in Marseille. The collection is further put forward with white leather worn with black pants while woven black & white Agnès photo mini skirt combined with white crepe fabric which aligns with the brand’s French simplicity. Riviera Élégance…Monte Carlo (Riviera Elegance – Monte Carlo) Pastel colors such as light beige and grey, faded blue, pink, and pure white make a comeback this season. The sweetness is jazzed up by mild prints and fancy weaving. Fitted with leather pants or fluid with under knees, double-breasted and pleated dresses and skirts, the underlining femininity liberates.What catches the eyeballs in this theme is the three exclusive prints designed by Agnès : shells pattern inspired from her Venice trip, feather and flower petals for summer like silhouettes. Harmonised with simple silk dresses and large pants for comfy wear.

Romantic Rock - Music is the soul of the brand and always appears in Agnès’s design. Instead of going extreme, Agnès delivered the romantic touch of this story through embroideries, delicate laces and flounces. Powdered color shades on fluid and light fabrics make a contrast with poplin purity and black cotton. Some silhouettes are longer and their wideness brings lightness and femininity to romantic rock shape.

Viva l’afrique (Cheers Africa) “Je dis VIVE L’AFRIQUE, et c’est un cri du coeur !” “I say long live to Africa, and it is a heartfelt appeal!” Agnès brings her support to charity work. Putting forward the “Give Love” value of the brand, she pays tribute to Africa for a good cause. 

 Using and valorizing fabrics coming from South Africa, a wide range of serigraphy tee-shirts are offered. Profits incurred will be donated to solidarity programs of endowment Agnes b. foundation. Highlights cast on the geometric shapes which bring modernity to this African style.