Wellendorff Forget-me-not @ Father’s Day Pick

Inspired by a 15th century German folk tale, Wellendorff has created an emotional series of jewels that embraces the Forget-me-not flower as its main motif, where fond and adoring memories are entwined in the pieces forever. The Wellendorff Forget-me-not series embodies all the virtues of the flower it’s named after a commitment and promise of enduring love that will never be forgotten and that will never diminish over time. In demonstration of the purest and truest love, the Wellendorff Spinning Rings Forget-me-not and Noble Forget-me-not in Yellow Gold are the illustration of all the values the Forget-me-not represents. The flower-inspired cold enamel mosaic designs of the paired rings encircled with diamonds, and the Diamond-W adorning the very center, are perfect reflections of the appreciation for your father’s unconditional love and protection. In resurrecting the old German legend and crafting new warm memories this father’s Day, the purple and blue mosaic design of  two Spinning Rings and the men’s cufflinks symbolizes the loving emotions that flow in every family. Family values have always been the most genuine love and unwavering commitment for Wellendorff.  Every piece of Wellendorff’s jewellery symbolizes the devotion and love Wellendorff wishes to bring to different families, and the Cufflinks Forget-me-not in Yellow Gold will be the emblem to convey your sincerest gratitude for all you have received from your family.

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