Hermès Cavale Saddle

Hermès Cavale brings horse and rider together for the perfect feel over fences. To satisfy the needs of high level riding, the Hermès Cavale saddle has been perfected with the help of Simon Delestre, partner rider of Hermès. Combining technical prowess with elegance, it embodies the saddle-making expertise of the house of Hermès with our longstanding but constantly evolving traditions. The sport-specific aspects of this new show jumping saddle
are the result of meticulous research into shapes and ergonomics. An analysis of the horse’s complex back, expert advice from veterinarians, time spent by Hermès saddlery craftsmen perfecting the padding, numerous fittings with professional riders - these were all stages carried out in order to achieve the ideal balance and the best distribution of pressure. The widened gullet and angled memory foam panels ensure the horse’s shoulder has complete freedom of movement over the fence, and that there is the largest possible weight-bearing surface over the horse’s back. The calfskin seat has no seams, ensuring the rider’s comfort and steady seat, while the calfskin lined and overstitched top flaps help to grip and secure the leg. Hermès Cavale is a continuation of the close contact style of saddles, which keep the rider as close as possible to the horse while jumping. The best tools go almost unnoticed, and Hermès Cavale is that saddle; somewhere between horse and rider, it disappears. “I expect saddles to be at one with the horse. When testing them, I take into account the shape and muscle structure of competition horses. A saddle that successfully distributes weight is important in avoiding injury and improving performance.” Said Simon Delestre, partner rider of Hermès.

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