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L'OCCITANE new fragrances a Collection de Grasse combining the most exquisite ingredients follows in the tradition of the perfumers who have built up the international reputation of Grasse, the capital of perfume. Two by two, the ingredients have been brought together with supreme skill by Karine Dubreuil. Sometimes they seem destined for each other. At other times, it’s like a wonderful chance encounter. And then there are the ingredients that echo and enrich each other. Nothing is forbidden -boldness is embraced. When Karine Dubreuil composed the first four olfactive stories in La Collection de Grasse, she spontaneously chose a figurative style, intimately linked to the repertoire of L’OCCITANE. “Natural extracts express themselves with the purest clarity. For a fragrance to have a true transparency, you must make no concessions when choosing your ingredients.”
Magnolia from the Far East, blackberry from the South of France, green tea from Japan, bitter orange from Tunisia, jasmine from Grasse and Egypt, bergamot from Italy, vanilla from Madagascar, narcissus from France… The list of extracts chosen for this collection already takes you on a wonderful journey... By combining the most exquisite ingredients in La Collection de Grasse, L’OCCITANE follows in the tradition of the perfumers who have built up the international reputation of Grasse, the capital of perfume.
 <Jasmine & Bergamot> discreetly lights up the scent and continues to retain a lingering presence. Contrasts blend with ambivalence, while jasmine reveals all its facets. To convey this ambiguity, at least two types of jasmine would be needed: a jasmine from Grasse and a jasmine from Egypt. The balance fluctuates between petals and leaves, freshness and sensuality, day and night. <Magnolia & Mûre> is a fragrance composed around a tender and deep chypre accord that reveals itself slowly, in hushed tones. the fragrance Between flower and fruit, the magnolia essence provides the prelude to wild and slightly musky blackberry notes. Present throughout the fragrance, blackberry gives a tenderness to the woody structure. Its velvety seeds soften the solemnity of patchouli. Over time, the fragrance asserts its chypre character.
<Vanille & Narcisse> is discreet at first, the scent of narcissus swells to reveal a bouquet of white flowers and spicy heart accords. Finally, rich and radiant vanilla borrows the wilder, untamed notes of narcissus that give it its spirit. This great classic from L’OCCITANE joins La Collection de Grasse. <Thé Vert & Bigarade> is refreshing, essential and aimed at both men and women, it has a thirst-quenching effect from the very first contact, when sparkling citrus notes burst forth in an accord of sweet and bitter orange. Hints of green tea, yerba mate and sun-dried straw give a reassuring touch before the aromatic base.
Perfumer  Karine Dubreuil

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