CHURCH'S Opens Two Mono-brand Stores in Shanghai

CHURCH’S opens two mono-brand stores in Shanghai, offering the men's and women's footwear and accessories collections. Both locations were designed by Architect Roberto Baciocchi. The new Church’s point of sale is located in the renowned “Plaza 66” shopping mall and it occupies a surface of about 90 square metres. 
This space features a wide entrance and it is framed in a storefront where transparent crystal contrasts against the elegant robustness of wood panels and silver-coloured nickel profiles. The backlit logo calls attention on the entrance, where a sophisticated marble threshold leads into an environment dominated by the combination of oak wood furniture and crystal and mirror displays. A wide ceiling, covered in beige alcantara, completes the atmosphere as it highlights the collections presented, also through an especially scenic lighting system.
CHURCH’S IFC mall offers both the men's and women's collections, covers 147 square metres. Its storefront comprises backlit light boxes, wide windows and wood panels framed in silver-coloured nickel profiles embellished with Church’s logo. Elegant seats in “British racing green” leather, crystal and wood display counters define a single, welcoming space where collections are presented. With these new, important openings, Church’s confirms the brand's development strategy, that saw a continuing expansion of the retail channel, with 15 mono-brand stores opened in Europe and Asia since 2008.

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