A Show For LANCÔME by Alber Elbaz

Alber Elbaz had just put on a "beauty show" for LANCÔME, "Alber Elbaz first crossed paths with Lancôme as a young man, as he was raiding the duty free aisles of JFKairport for his mother. Some years later, we would meet again, inspiring an instant desire to work together and to build a warm friendship. His sense of humour, love of women and vision of luxury – out of the box and beyond establishment, his demand and generosity, soon sparked the urge to work on something extravagant. Whilst working on this collection together, two further common bonds emerged. First of all, Alber Elbaz has a gift for revealing a woman’s personality. In his words, he veils the body to unveil the woman. Lancôme could not agree more! More importantly still, he believes in luxury that triggers joy. Of all Alber’s many talents, this consummate gift for creating happiness – through a dash of humour, a moment of mischievous staging or a wink made in colour is the one closest to my heart. It perfectly echoes Lancôme’s own credo: that every woman who comes to us wishing to look more beautiful goes away feeling happier.  Such an happy encounter Thus, for the very first time, Alber Elbaz has transposed his equation for joyful luxury to the world of make-up and has redressed Lancôme’s four iconic bestselling mascaras for the summer. A brand new way of celebrating a love of fashion and of beauty. A tender yet daring celebration of femininity – as only Alber Elbaz and us could imagine it. Let the show begin! Lancôme invites the whole world to enjoy it from the front row." Said Youcef S. Nabi, Lancôme President
Over the past fifteen years, his now familiar silhouette appearing on-stage to wave goodbye at the end of his catwalk shows has become a much-awaited moment among fashion journalists. Alber Elbaz stands among today’s major contemporary designers. On the podiums, his models reveal a brand new fairytale with every season - a contemporary tale created for today’s woman. Both fluid and sharp, the lines of his clothing creations are resonant with sophistication and spontaneity, flaunting volume, texture and light effects. Whether embroidered or moiré, fusions of major classics - the smoking jacket, the kimono, the little black dress or meticulously geometric accessories, his creations conspire each season to channel the ‘reinvented classicism’ that has sealed his success. Beyond garments, Alber Elbaz has crafted an entire universe. Unafraid to challenge the rigid codes of luxury, he never hesitates to inject his realm with a healthy dose of good mood and mainly of humanity now the unique trademarks of this designer whose imagination is as rich as his universe is singular. Elegant and innovative yet also with the upmost respect for women, he allows himself the occasional wink. 
Four unique outfits for four legends of Lancôme make-up: Alber Elbaz lends his unmistakable style to four worldwide bestselling Lancôme mascaras and the new Hypnôse eye palette, the only one on the market with magnetic applicators, that have recently joined them. He has thus imagined an irresistible temporary collection: pure fashion down to the tiniest detail, like the bow adorning the boxes. “The real theme running through the collection is the eyes,” he explains, “and roundness forms. The bottles are so fabulously rounded that they were my inspiration. I wanted to create rounded shapes with a hint of humour.”
Hypnôse Doll, Hypnôse Star, Hypnôse Drama or simply the mythical Hypnôse: each mascara boasts its very own unique power. Now, thanks to Alber Elbaz’s masterful hand, each is given a new couture life, utterly collectable! <Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof> is the first “doll lashes” effect mascara, for broader, longer and lifted eyes. Draped in its red heart dress, Doll opens the show with just the right dose of innocence. <Hypnôse Star Waterproof> pays homage to the glamour of the silver screen with its double-sided brush designed to define stunning Hollywood eyes. Created by Alber Elbaz, its star-studded fur in electric blue makes it a studio goddess. A new star is born! <Hypnôse Waterproof> The first genuine made-to-measure mascara, Hypnôse leaves lashes up to six times thicker, increasing with each stroke of the brush. Alber Elbaz has made Hypnôse his bride, offering it a dress scattered with polka dots. A natural accolade for the original, for the one and only Hypnôse …
Created around its must-have mascaras, Hypnôse offers a complete collection for beautiful eyes, including <Hypnôse Palette>, Lancôme’s it eyeshadow collection, also restyled by Albert Elbaz in Doll Eyes, Star Eyes and Drama Eyes versions. Each palette offers different eye make-up results in a simple way: fresh and natural shades for a wide-open look with Doll Eyes, chic and elegant harmonies for a sophisticated look with Star Eyes and, finally, intense and smoky shades with spectacular Drama Eyes.
<Hypnôse 5 colour Palette> brings make-up artist results within the reach of every woman, thanks to its variable intensity technology, Wet technology and magnetic high-precision professional applicators. <Hypnôse> also offers high luminosity eyeshadow monos, again adorned with polkadot, heart or star motifs. Finally, in an ultimate statement of his love for bold lines and for excess, Alber Elbaz completes this temporary collection with <false lashes> showcased in illustrated cases, representing a modern reinterpretation of the original Lancôme tradition. Infused with a joyous sense of profusion, this feather-weight accessory offers XXL beauty – a brand new way of cultivating your beauty in a way that is fun, fashion and frivolous.
On the banks of the Seine, show-time is upon us. Around the podium, the crowd sighs ‘Oh là là!’. The ambiance is electric, vibrant with frivolous hints of madness, verging on extravaganza! As the lights are dimmed and silence descends, only the eyes of the audience can be seen and also lashes, lashes everywhere. Curious, languid, wide-open, self-assured, refined, glamorous; their lashes batting in the dark. When the first silhouette appears, draped in a heart-covered dress belted under the chest with an XXL bow, the lashes begin to bat ever faster, as if electrified. A second figure appears in a backless dress scattered with stars, the house bow seen in cobalt blue, and then a third, covered in pink and black polka dots and flaunting dizzying curves. Throughout the crowd, eyes widen to the extreme, lashes as fainting, somewhere between a hypnotic trance and pure bliss. From New York to Beijing or Rio, the entire globe gazes enraptured at the broadcast, when suddenly…?
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