PRADA Opens First Store in Cancún Mexico

PRADA opens its first store in Cancún, Mexico, in the prestigious La Isla mall. The new space, designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, covers a total area of 420 sqm and is dedicated to the women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories and footwear collections. The striking main façade made of black marble in its lower part is 11 metres high and approximately 17 metres long and includes an entrance, two light-boxes and two windows
crowned by an aluminum structure backlit with light effects both day and night. The store
front inside the mall, where the main entrance is located, is clad in black marble.

The women's collections of bags, shoes and accessories are arranged in a series of settings with green fabric-clad walls and a black and white chequered marble floor and presented in the classic Prada niches or in polished steel cases. The display is enriched by details in coloured saffiano.

Green velvet sofas with feminine lines flanked by crystal benches define the footwear area, followed by a room dedicated to a selection of small leather goods and bags in exotic leather. The clothing collection stands in the centre of the space. The last area is dedicated to the men’s collections. The accessories are displayed in thin polished steel structure cases and the whole setting is complemented by green ostrich leather sofas and saffiano coloured crystal benches.

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