CHEVIGNON @ FW2014/15 Fashion Presentation

CHEVIGNON FW2014/15 collection celebrates its dedication to style and craftsmanship for 35 years with the 35th anniversary capsule collection. With the French blue and earth color tone, the collection marries the hue with quality leather which is further embellishes by the bright shades of gold and red.

As the signature pieces of the collection, the military leather jackets infuse the military look with a sporty appeal with zipper details on the sleeves and the 35th anniversary baseball-shaped badge. Elements of the popular Togs jacks transform the essential shorts and tees into energetic and highly wearable staples. Men's patchwork shoes in leather and denim also pay tribute to the two classical elements of the brand.

Since Guy Azoulay, the founder of Chevignon, created the first leather jacket in 1979 with his different styles of fabric collection, the brand has been innovating the treatment of leather and now established itself as the timeless leather jacket expert. In every season, Chevignon is seeking a new twist in design and style on their leather jacket collection.

The Orientation leather jacket matches leather with flannel fabric in grey color, blending in the fashionable elements of sportswear to the design. With ribbed collar and sleeves, the front of leather jacket is presented with waterproof zippers. By presenting the waterproof zippers in 3 different shades of grey, 3 different emotions are shown.

The zippers also match with the grey color on sleeves. Design elements from both outdoor and sportswear applied on the leather jacket are linked up by shades of grey, demonstrating the charm of fabric collage. The famous quote from France, “fait ce que vous plaisir” means doing what you like and love. Edison Chen, as the creative director of the TURQUOISE LABEL privé leather jacket, feels grateful for this fashion collaboration with Chevignon.

This season marks the 35th anniversary of Chevignon. In this remarkable season, Chevignon invited Edison Chen, the creative director of TURQUOISE LABEL privé to design the new and trendsetting Chevignon X TURQUOISE LABEL privé leather jacket.  He said, “With a different design in leather jacket, a different style and personality can be presented. We can simply mix and match the leather jacket with tee or shirt to show our own unique style. Therefore I decided to design a new leather jacket for Chevignon.”

Edison named the leather jacket as “Orientation” and he was meticulous in every details of the design, from design concept, fabric choice to every unique cutting of the leather jacket.

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