Cromia @ FW201415 Collection

 Cromia FW2014/15 collection is inspired by the legendary movie actress Grace Kelly in 1950s and the night life of casinos in Monte Carlo in the 1970s. These inspirations combined with the clever use of hues and purposeful design of metal parts lighten the gloomy wintry mood. Cromia is crafted by one of the most outstanding Italian leather goods manufacturers, S.p.A.. Having been manufacturing leather goods for top-tier brands for over 50 years, it is known for its delicate craftsmanship and excellent choice of materials which are comparable to other famous European labels. Elegant designs, interesting choice of colours, and attention to function and details, enable Cromia to become an immaculate expression of fashion and artistry. These factors also formulate brilliant designs that win the hearts of ladies who pursue perfection. Cromia collection has become popular among many metropolitan women since it was introduced by moda SHU, a fashion accessories concept store, two years ago.

Fine leather is chosen for Cromia handbag and leather goods collections. They are noted for the thoughtful designs apart from meticulous workmanship. Playful colours plus unique buckles applied on the bags always create surprises. What is more impressive is that the design team of Cromia knows the needs of ladies for handbags for different occasions. The design of roomy compartments and functions are prioritized for delivering a blend of traditional craftsmanship, fashion elements and functions. It provides classy and quality leather goods options for fashion lovers.

<Divina Collection>
Smooth outline comes along with contrasting colours and distinctive buckles highlight this collection. Architectural beauty can easily be observed by looking at the choice of firm matching leathers with decorative suede on both sides. Its leather handle and the front pocket enhance the three-dimensional splendor. This collection includes a Doctor Bag and two Boston Bags. The Doctor Bag is highlighted by a zipped compartment at the bottom. This separate compartment can be used to store a pair of ballerina flats for the metropolitan ladies who wear heels to work but would love to enjoy a pressure-less moment at afterhours. Newspapers can also be put in the zipped section to avoid contact with other items in the main section. This truly reveals the careful consideration of Cromia’s designers. 

<Atena Collection>
An elegant and formal outfit is needed for office hours while a sassy look is more appropriate for gathering and partying at afterhours. The multi-usage Atena handbag offers a perfect solution for day and night mix and match. Using high quality leather, the front part of Atena is a detachable clutch decorated with studs and fringe which hints the wildness in the elegant looking design. Unzipping the zippers, the clutch can be pulled out to be an individual piece of accessories. Leaving the large bag behind, you may enjoy a carefree happy hour with friends. What is more touching is that Atena comes with an additional two-sided decorative plate which you may fix with the zippers for a makeover for replacing the clutch. One side of the plate is ornamented with studs in various sizes while the other is made of faux zebra hair which allows you to do a simple makeover according to your style and mood of the day. This is an incredible fashion accessories for busy metropolitan ladies.

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