Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection By Tom Dixon

Hennessy X.O unveil its luxury icon reinterpreted by a pioneer and a true iconoclast, Tom Dixon. For the new Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection, Dixon has created an object of gem-like depth, purity and brilliance. Inspired by the traditional French cut-crystal carafe. Dixon recast the idea in a modern way by exploring the state-of-the-art technique of tessellation. Rendered in silver, the Hennessy X.O carafe creates an impression of infinite pixilation on a textured surface designed to convey reflectivity, balance and elegance. Its multiple facets glisten and catch the eye as an emerging diamond. Dixon drew upon his fascination for minerals and earth’s natural treasures to shape Hennessy X.O in a compelling new light. The result is distinctive for an unexpected harmony between light and materiality, shape and finish.

Hennessy X.O honours innovation and craftsmanship through a bold new design. Since its creation in 1870, Hennessy X.O has always been one step ahead of its time. More than 140 years ago, Maurice Hennessy, the founder’s great-grandson, revolutionised the world of Cognac by creating Hennessy X.O acknowledging the Maison heritage with a daring and modern vision. Embodying the family legacy by combining eaux de vie selected and aged by earlier generations, Hennessy X.O was a true pioneer of its time. True to its avant-garde style, the Hennessy X.O keeps evolving in unexpected ways by shaking up traditional codes and exploring new frontiers.

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