ANNA SUI @ 2014 Holiday Collection

ANNA SUI 2014 Holiday Collection introducing an tempting assortment of sweets that will lure you in and beautify you if you dare to indulge. You wander deeper and deeper into the dark forest as if drawn by some invisible force and suddenly you encounter a little cottage made entirely of sweets and candy…Just like the one you dreamed of as a child.

This is not a dream nor an illusion. Be ready to get seduced by this sweet allure, when you take one bite, you’ll be taken captive…If it’s beauty you seek, dig in!

<Sweet Expresso>
Indulge this bittersweet flavor that once forbidden with this all grown-up-kit

<Sugary Sweet>
Soft and sweet, just like a fairytale. You just might become captive to this charmingly saccharine kit.

Both contain Creamy Eye Color, Creamy Cheek Color, Moisturizing Lip Color, Lip Balm Jelly.

ANNA SUI Limited serve with mounds of whipped cream and strawberries on top, this limited edition translucent purple mirror has been modeled after the most decadent cake! Indulge in the sweet feeling of your most captivating reflection.

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