Salvatore Ferragamo x Lalique x James Suckling @ A Revolutionary & Prestigious Wine Tasting Experience

Salvatore Ferragamo launches a special limited edition leather case designed exclusively for the “THE LALIQUE 100 POINTS BY JAMES SUCKLING” - a set of wine glasses crafted by French crystal brand, Lalique, and conceptualized by James Suckling, an international acclaimed wine critic. This collection will be showcased at the Salvatore Ferragamo Store in Mandarin Oriental Hotel on November 11th 2014. In celebration of this esteemed collaboration, this unique partnership will be introduced by Mr. Massimo Ferragamo, Chairman of Ferragamo USA, Mr. Silvio Denz, Chairman & CEO of Lalique, and Mr. James Suckling.

In 2013, he created for Lalique a unique glassware collection with seven glasses and two decanters, entitled LALIQUE 100 POINTS by JAMES SUCKLING. And this year, the esteemed French crystal maker and James Suckling take the concept to a new level with the creation of a limited production leather briefcase by the prestigious fashion House of Salvatore Ferragamo. With functionality and beauty always in mind, the unique leather briefcase, hand-made in Ferragamo’s workshops in Florence, holds four LALIQUE 100 POINTS by JAMES SUCKLING universal glasses.

Take the wine glasses or your favourite bottles to any destination with this very special case.  It also doubles as a briefcase or overnight travel bag. Intended for the true discerning wine lover or collector, this exceptional briefcase celebrates the love an passion for fine wine. Rightly suited for Hong Kong, which has seen significant growth in the wine trading market, the event will feature a media preview session, led by Mr. Massimo Ferragamo, Mr. Silvio Denz and Mr. James Suckling, and a cocktail party for esteemed guests which include socialites, wine critics and connoisseurs, offering guests the opportunity to experience first-hand this set of exquisite and prestigious “made in Italy’’ wine-tasting leather briefcase.

 “You might find it strange that everywhere I travel, I take a small, black leather case full of crystal wine glasses.  It isn’t much larger than your average briefcase, but it always holds my four LALIQUE 100 POINTS by JAMES SUCKLING universal glasses.  Over my four-decade career as a wine critic, I have tasted some 160,000 wines.  And so I always felt the need to have my same wine glasses and briefcase to hand wherever I am in the world.  They are the tools of my trade, but more importantly they enhance any wine-drinking experience, whether tasting or just drinking as a wine lover.”

The special Black Edition, limited to 100 pieces, includes two black stemmed 100 POINTS by JAMES SUCKLING universal glasses in special edition and two different 100 points rated wines from the famous First Growths of Bordeaux including Château Latour (2000), Château Haut-Brion (2005), Château Mouton Rothschild (2010), Château Lafite Rothschild (2005), and Château Margaux (2005). Each glass and leather briefcase is engraved with unique number and each set comes with a certificate of authenticity with the signatures of Mr. Massimo Ferragamo, Mr. Silvio Denz and Mr. James Suckling.

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