SONIA BY @ SONIA RYKIEL FW2014/15 Collection

SONIA BY SONIA RYKIEL FW2014/15 collection set the tone where she likes to be there where she's not expected. Contemporary and daring and brilliantly embodies the spirit of the house. Chic yet relaxed, these pieces are eminently wearable with huge scope for mixing and matching. It’s a wardrobe that knows how to work the Rykiel rules, suggesting a nomadic modernity, true to its day but defiantly anti-conformist with it!

Tell her she's Left Bank, Left Bank, Left Bank, she thinks Right Bank, Right Bank, Right Bank. And so she moves to the Marais, 37 Rue de Poitou, in high February. Shouting loud and clear that it's here you'll fine her, where the pulse of Paris beats.

Volumnes are opposed between baggy pants and fitted silk tops for a sophisticated take on Japanese street style that lends fluidity to the body by removing convention. A perfecto may be matched with a shirt and polka dot satin dress to unleash unexpected urban sensuality. Leggings, t-shirt dresses and mini sweaters celebrate curves, loyally following the body’s every movement for a dynamic sexiness.

Ruffle dresses and oversized pearls point to a knowing kind of femininity, making sure of artifice and trompe l’oeil. Myriad, moving and vibrant, stripes are put to subtle work, masquerading as hand-drawings, while polka-dots bring rhythm to skirts, layered tops and almost-fitted pants.

Sometimes it's said that it's a second like. And that, that gets on her nerves. She replies that before sister she's woman. And so she invents herself, playing with her image, her spirit and her presence. 

Creative and sexy, colorfully impertinent. yet contemporary. Skillfully broken down and built back up, the ensembles unite the imagination with one’s daily whims.

Unexpected combinations of prints, love apple, hands and flowers and unusual associations of forms and materials give an overall look that’s offbeat to the point of Surrealism. Ideal for liberal young ladies, the impertinent and creative kinds, searching to affirm their bold singularity. 

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