TIFFANY @ 2014 Brilliant Christmas Pick

TIFFANY 2014 Christmas collection comes in a wide variety of choice to dazzle your eye fond your heart from the famous Tiffany Blue Box® that will linger in memory for a lifetime. Paloma Picasso bejewels her vibrant collection, Paloma’s Sugar Stacks, with pavé diamonds in a ring and pendant of 18k gold. These chic, exuberant creations delight the eye and lift the spirit like sugar candies.

Tiffany Keys are symbolic of life’s boundless possibilities. Covered with yellow and white diamonds in platinum and 18 karat gold, they light the way to a future that is always and forever bright. Tiffany Atlas® is a graphic symbol of strength and freedom. This great jewelry icon boldly counts the ways of style in a bangle, ring and earrings of 18 karat rose gold with diamonds.

Tiffany T square bracelets are icons for a new era, bold and unapologetically modern. Gleaming in 18 karat rose, white and yellow gold, the bracelets layer with ease and sensuality.

Tiffany Celebration® rings honor life’s milestones in platinum and 18 karat yellow and rose gold with diamonds. There’s one for every occasion and they stack brilliantly, circling these moments to remember with the beauty of Tiffany design. Introduced in 1886, the Tiffany® setting is the world’s most popular diamond engagement ring. The setting was the first to lift the stone away from the band, maximizing its radiance. The Tiffany® wedding band in platinum makes a perfect pair.

Tiffany Soleste® is distinguished by a single or double row of bead-set diamonds in platinum. This opulent setting surrounds an emerald-cut red spinel and oval green tourmaline, treasures of the natural world that are saturated with glorious color. Tiffany’s airplane cuff links in sterling silver are a unique signature statement of taste and functionality.

An elongated tassel pendant shimmers with an elegant ease. The design is exquisitely handcrafted, reflecting the light of the world’s most beautiful diamonds and the luster of seed pearls in platinum.

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