Harry Winston @ New 2014 Special Collection of Charms

Harry Winston presents the new 2014 special collection of Charms celebrating the esteemed brand history and heritage of the House, incorporating it with the concept of every day wear; and the outcome is pure elegance. Three new styles of pendants are all made from top class diamonds with platinum inlays, mirroring elements of classic style. The significant designs aim to preserve Harry Winston’s classic features yet express creative ingenuity accentuating beautiful and contemporary aesthetics and elegance through intricate craftsmanship. The Harry Winston diamond pendant resembles life, witnessing aspects of love and affection with every treasured moment like a charm. This elegant and fashionable pendant is the perfect accessory to be worn daily, complementing any outfit regardless of time and occasion. Whether you wear it as a distinctive yet chic pendant, or as a fashion statement on the wrist, this piece of jewellery is the definition of sophistication, enhancing the wearer’s confidence and unique taste and style.

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