MBT FW2014 Collection @ For The Human Movement

MBT shoes change the way you use your body so that you muscles, back and joints work as a unit to compensate for the shoe's natural instability. The unique multi-layered sole and Masai sensor help you to achieve improved posture and balance, strengthen and tone muscles, and reduce pressure on your joints as it emulates the feeling of walking on sand. The roiling motion of MBT shoes is greatly beneficial to those with plantar fasciitis and other type of foot problems.

With a strong science and innovation foundation, MBT has a unique approach that understands the human benefits of health, wellness and staying on the move. The physiological footwear design for human movement to maintain a healthy lifestyle which enables you to live life to the fullest.

The MBT Jengo Sport Neutral is an athletic sporty men's lace up walking shoe, the perfect shoe for training or just talking a walk. The dynamic sole construction gives the unique MBT beneifts of improved posture and balance, increased muscle activity while reducing the load on your back, knees and joints.

The Zakiya Autumn Mid Zip women boots let you stay toasty even as you tramp round snowy fields in these fur-lined boots. Fur-lined full grain leather uppers finished with a microfiber footbed with the signature MBT patented rocker sole and non-marking outsole. Available in Black or Coffee Bean with with fur-lined suede uppers in MBT Tan.

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