DAVID YURMAN @ The Venetian Quatrefoil Collection

David Yurman introduces the new Venetian Quatrefoil Collection to celebrate the White Christmas in the whole latest women jewelry line to pay a wonderful tribute for your lover and family for this festive season. The Collection presents the new pieces from the classic and elegance, with a wider range of assorted gemstones. The quatrefoil is a classical motif dating back to the Moors. Meaning “four leaves” in Latin, it is a shape common to Gothic and Renaissance art and architecture. The Venetian Quatrefoil Collection was inspired by the intricate patterns of Venice’s unique stonework, and the harmony of form and structure that is the essence of the city’s architecture.

This is Yurman’s first completed collection to come in 18K rose gold in addition to the yellow gold that both feature the unique pattern. The Collection incorporates a stunning range of diamonds and other gemstones into designs and includes the sizeable cuff with countless diamonds. It also provides a wide range of assortment which includes rings, earring, and necklaces which appeals for woman who would like to make a complete and total look.

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