Pethidine in Pearl @ FW2014 Collection

Pethidine in Pearl FW2014 Collection features the subtle yet bold line of clothing that is iconic to its brand, the Autumn/Winter collection range from military uniform-inspired coats to classic tuxedo-detailed wool-silk trousers. The brand is noted for the frequent use of fine leather and the all-black spectrum of colors.

In its first season, Pethidine in Pearl had made its debut at trade shows in Paris, receiving orders from major fashion retailers around the globe, which is quite unusual for a new menswear brand. In the world of fashion, menswear brands, unlike its counterpart, usually take two or more years to catch on.

Kim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, the trendy new epicenter in fashion, but was educated in London at Central Saint Martins, one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion schools in the world. Perhaps it was the combination of these two backgrounds that propelled him into the foreground of fashion world so quickly.

This month, his collection will be debuting exclusively at Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong. “Hong Kong has always been a leading center of culture in Asia. I’m very excited to see my work finally introduced to the city,” Kim added, as he returned his eyes back to the pile of design sketches on his desk.

“We are definitely evolving,” intimated the creative director and the founder, Doyoung Kim. “We are continuing our exploration of the de-constructivist fashion. But as we push the boundaries, we are also keeping our feet grounded on the classic styles of rock and roll heroes.” Kim seems to be keeping up his interest in de-constructivism. This year, Kim was invited to join the South Korean fashion giant, Kolon Industries, in its upcycling fashion project, Re;Code, using recycled garments to recreate his unique look. “It was an overall a unique challenge and experience.”

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