Caterina Zangrando FW2014 Urban Vision Collection

Caterina Zangrando FW2014 Urban Vision collection is essential geometry, light as visual expression, contamination between material and forms. The design is linear, complex in its seeming simplicity, a futuristic edge composed of flowing concrete forms, contemporary, with a gentle nod to the past. Materials are the fundamentals attributes of the collection. Treated as industrial bolts, composed of brass, enriched with the colors of iron, gold, silver, palladium, polished, mat, scratched, aged combined with new tech materials, with a visual sensibility like resins. They recall the roughness of the rocks, the horn, the vains of the wood combined with the transparence of the plexi. A starting point of a new era, where the aesthetic contrast between forms and materials, veils a subtle duality in each piece.

The Necklaces recall the geometric cross of the great contemporary metropolises, resembling the linear composition of city streets, multiethnic and ever moving, where strong women, audacious and independent, come together. The rings remind the hardness of the punch rings, the solidity of the cages, balanced by luminous transparency reflecting the fragile side of women’s soul. The ear-rings are a futuristic edge that reminds medieval armor where, past and future became the stage of this urban dance.

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