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 OYA is known as the goddess of wind and the spirit of change in ancient mythology. She is the seeker of truth. Like Oya, they sought the truth about fat loss treatments by creating a safe, healthy, fast and truly effective treatment method to you. Thus, OYA mission is to induce quick and steady fat loss without food deprivation or a grueling exercise program. After years of research and testing, OYA developed a groundbreaking formula which works effortlessly by triggering the same biological pathways that burn fat naturally. The exclusive formula is 100% natural and comes as a topical treatment for area-specific results. This is the perfect solution for those who try to lose weight by exercising everyday but still cannot slim down their belly, saddlebags or love handles. Targeted fat loss is what allows us to sculpt the body to its desired shape.

The  scientific proven formula acts directly on fat cells and burns fat in a manner that mirrors physiologic fat loss. It allows targeted fat loss by only activating fat burning centers in the target area. Totally noninvasive, painless and area specific. It breaks fat down into its natural by-products, glycerol and fatty acids which are easily and safely flushed from the body and lowers cholesterol. A complimentary consultation is given by their in-house specialist for the first time you visit. Once we have identified the areas of interest and desired size are identify, A tailored made program is designed to your needs and body type.

A treatment session lasts from sixty to ninety minutes and involves application of our formulated cream to the target areas and a specifically designed process to drive the cream into the adipose tissue. The formula then activates the fat burning centers in the target area to burn fat continuously over the next 7 days. Two to three sessions per week for maximum fat burning effect until the target size is reached. By drinking two liters of water daily are recommended and avoid alcohol and fatty foods within the first 48 hours of treatment to allow the blood to carry more of the byproducts to be excreted.

10th Floor, Baskerville House
13 Duddell Street
Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2521 9098

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