PYE Unlocks Central With A Pair of New Stores

PYE opens a pair of new stores in the Central Building features a new architectural concept designed by award-winning New York architects Leong Leong and two distinctive spaces that further develop the unique philosophy of the brand. The stores, which are positioned opposite each other, are inspired by the tangram, an ancient Chinese mathematical puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes that can be rearranged in thousands of different configurations. The tangram motif is used in a variety of ways throughout the two spaces, from the furniture to the displays to the materials of which the stores consist. Handsomely decorated using locally sourced grey stone, teak, leather and steel, the interiors perfectly mirror the elegance and precision that characterize PYE, as well as the blending of East and West that the brand embodies.

The two-store concept allows each of the spaces to have a different focus, reflecting the two sides of both the brand and the PYE customer. Dress shirts and refined accessories are the order of the day at one half of the duo, catering perfectly to the man who is in search of formal attire and a more classic look.

The second store, meanwhile, is more casual in nature, showcasing fashion and sport shirts alongside accessories that complement this style of living. Personified by its more lifestyle-oriented perspective, the second store will also feature specially selected items from guest brands as well as limited-edition pieces made in collaboration with other designers curated around distinctive concepts and themes. 

“We wanted to create a space that reflected the differing needs and lives of the PYE man at work and play and that gave us the flexibility to constantly reconceive and redevelop the stories and themes we are considering,” says Dee Poon, Chief Brand Officer of PYE. “The two complementary yet separate stores allow us to do this in a distinct and elegant way. I am thrilled to work with Leong Leong. They have helped us to create a retail space that we believe is not only unique in Hong Kong, but which also reflects our brand – just like a tangram, PYE shirts offer limitless possibilities and variations from a central concept that is deceptively simple yet endlessly enduring.”

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