Peter Jensen @ FW2014 Menswear Claus von Bulow Collection

Peter Jensen FW2014 Menswear Claus von Bulow collection designed in conjunction with Peter’s Womenswear Pre-fall collection inspired by American socialite Sunny Von Bulow, it of course made sense for the FW2014 menswear collection to be her husband Claus. Peter explains "I thoroughly enjoyed making this collection and being able to work with fabrics that I really love like corduroy, Scottish suiting wool and English drill. I really wanted to focus on the colours that were similar to those worn by Claus these being navy, bottle green, burgundy and mustard.”

The collection consists of corduroy puffer jackets, fair isle jumpers and heavy wool overcoats. Peter first became fascinated with the pair after watching the film ‘Reversal of Fortune’ a film starring Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close. The store being based on the controversial von Bulow case. Claus was accused of killing his wife Sunny by administering and insulin overdose in 1980 but was twice found not guilty.

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