Maid in Love @ FW2014/15 Superbad Collection

Maid in Love FW2014/15 collection is called ’Superbad’. The collection is inspired by the idea of technology which will enable humans to reach superhuman features in the very near future. We could possibly become superman, superhero, supergreen… but most predictably superbad! Humans are inclined to lure to their own dark sides and with the help of technology people will be able to shape shift, grow wings, have a shell or camouflage ability like some animals.

They will change as they wish and use these powers for their hedonist aims. You can live happily ever after till eternity: good or bad; by genetic modification, cybernetic implants, nanotechnology and stemcell technologhy. Celebrate the joyful, magical depth of hedonism, perfect future far beyond the normal, explore your superhuman with merging styles, digital prints with bright clashing colors and modern beadings, colorful patches and comfortable silhouettes. I can’t guarantee you will be a superhero from the start, but definitely know it is good to be bad!

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