CATERINA GATTA @ FW2014/15 Collection

CATERINA GATTA FW2014/15 collection immerse herself into the world of Sofia Cacciapaglia to create a collection dedicated to her work. A real journey within the artist’s imaginary, among her impressive figures of maternal and primordial women, among her carnal flowers, her clouds and floating fishes, in order to re-elaborate images for the prints on soft silk. Wearing a dress to immerse oneself in a world made of dreams and lightness, of suspended figures and sinuous lines that intersect and interpenetrate. Hence the creation of a capsule collection of dresses, structured and soft at the same time, jumpsuits, balloon skirts and shorts in soft silk, which tell of a feminine vision of Art and Fashion, of a dialogue and a simphony between two young women, an artist and a designer.

Caterina returns this imaginery with lightness and poetry, suggesting us an intimate path that brings back to the artist’s work, proceeding through symbols and signs. The eyes of Sofia’s carachters obsessively repeat, turning into a graphic pattern on short dresses and shorts, without loosing their expressive strength and depth. As the dreamy and thoughtful faces that pop out from the ‘50s and ‘60s silhouettes, in a playful match of light and shade elements with hints of loabster orange and petroleum blue. collection made of strong and outgoing pieces, which can tell a lot about the temper and soul of whom is wearing them. Each piece is even more vibrant thanks to the brilliant cuts and lengths, which give an absolutely contemporary and fresh impact to the collection. The great feeling that bloomed between Caterina and Sofia, has lead to this collaboration, thanks also to a common vision on what ‘woman’ and ‘feminity’ mean.

 “I do love in Sofia’s work the way she can represent feminity and shapes purity, recalling the masters from the past with emotional and visual power that is so new and contemporary. It has been the great enthusiasm of Caterina to persuade Sofia to let, for the very first time, her drawings be used as prints on fabrics, as she declares ‘It seems to me a fantastic opportunity having the chance to see my paintings re-interpreted on garments, in addition by a designer of my age”. “I think the world is changing faster and faster, both in Art and Fashion; we do live in the era of contaminations and I am glad to observe how my work can become an inspiration for a fashion collection. In this way my visual art becomes available on several levels and to different people, as told by the fairy and surreal world of Caterina Gatta.”

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