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When you look into a camera lens before taking a picture, you will come across three shade of colors from the loophole filter: Black, Gray and White. And the shades of grey, with or without black and/or white are called grayscale or black and white. With the monochromatic theme in mind, that determined the modern contemporary design for foto Hotel that perched upon Kata Hill, Phuket and away from the major tourist drag with an alternative and serene lifestyle. The remarkable transformation inspiring foto hotel creates endless inspirations with excitement at almost every corner has become one of the most photogenic and instagrammed hotels in the region since its opening 2 years ago. foto hotel is an ideal R&R stay in search of different memories with an alternative level of très chic luxury. mylifestylenews discovers a couple of alternatives that regular hotels couldn't and wouldn't offer. Get ready to be inspired in the monochrome world!

Two 3 feet tall over-sized monochrome foto bears awaits every guest arrival at the inspirational and artistically designed and furnished lobby with plush sofas. A re-production of giant movie standing lamp next to the reception and the long-stretched Memorie Hall with only just the empty frames framed in different sizes seemingly awaits your best shots to be hung and share among others. Despite our arrival was not on a anticipated Phuket's blue sunny day, yet the ending of the rainy season didn't really disrupt us by admiring the first sight we that saw and loved especially the cuddly foto bears continuously sending out the silent TLC message each time when you look at them. We were told that the signature foto Bears brought in for a very comforting reason to soften the mood of the monochromatic interior design. We rather love it the way that the idea is one of the best ways to break the ice in between everyone you'll meet in the hotel.  As long as you still live child in your heart, the fond childhood memory reappear immediately when you see the big genuine smile on everyone's face when they approach the monochrome bear. After all, who doesn't like Teddy bear? First snap with your camera is unavoidable and complimentary Wi-fi is easy accessible throughout the hotel, that makes intagramming at your finger tips. That, we almost forgot to do our check-in.

Great mind thinks alike! Indeed, foto hotel is the brainchild of a group talented Thai architects who each posses a passion for photography. To make an on-the-scene assessment of different tonal hues within a shot, the fantastic-four worked together to create this ultra modern monochrome hotel which emulates the subdued appeal of black and white images to inspire guests to get creative with their cameras. Snap! Snap! Don't let it stop. This stylish design hotel nestled on Kata hill in between Kata Beach and Kata Noi beach created from a deep passion for photography that inspire and delight especially for those who adore and idolize the striking modern design and unique contemporary interiors.

We check-in to the Ozone Hall room after a not so far distance funicular ride going down the hill. The calm ambience creating by the contrasting black and white hue along with mood lighting looking out the lush garden with partly sea view. We found two self invited "guests" had already entered our room even without knocking. The cuddly foto bear and the mini monochrome bear with a checked colored scarf had occupied the best seat of the house facing the uninterrupted view, they certainly know how to pick the best spot. The complimentary mini bar is another indulgence, bottles of drinking water and soft drinks are replenished everyday. We love the playful thoughts by adding the colorful jelly gelatin dessert as part of the mini bar supply. Indeed, another fun discovery!

Need further inspiration? There are two aspiring quotes on the wall in the room. "You've got to push yourself harder. You've got to start looking for pictures no body else could take. You've got to take the tools you have and probe deeper." by William Albert Allard, American documentary photographer. The second quote was found in the bathroom's wall by Imogen Cunningham, another American photographer know for her botanical photography, nudes and industrial landscapes says : "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow." With such inspirational monochrome contemporary surroundings, there is no reason why you wouldn't pick up your camera and begin to take the one-of-a-kind shoots that uniquely yours.

The slick and vast bathtub sits on the balcony with amber privacy is the perfect chill-out after a day at the beach or lounging by the pool. Additionally, a hot bath with the seasonal tropical rain falling on the roof is another relaxing unique experience. 

The cuddly foto bear knows how to pick the best seat of the house sitting on the gigantic king size heavenly bed and oversized day bed.

The monochromatic interior are seen everywhere in the hotel. The stairways connects in between buildings leading to guests rooms and other facilities in the hotel.

With a hotel like foto Hotel, a stylish and trendy restaurant is expected. The roof top Tiffin Mama is another well-played design by the team, a large cupboard-wall filled with stacks of tea tins, jugs of food, bottles of different sauces used for cooking, matchboxes, mortars, glassware and etc are all arranged for the maximum geometric order. The colorfuI gourmet kitchen store like display was carefully curated and also separating the two dining sections as well as the buffet table and semi opened kitchen. Not forgetting the phuket inspired furniture and the monochrome themed hanging lamps are also part of the original design by the management team. Situated alongside the Silhouette Pool and Playground opens for all day serving breakfast, light bites and dinner. No one will say no to the adult-friendly serving hours for breakfast that run till 1pm. YES, you heard us. 1pm! This is another alternative find that a regular hotel could not offer for those sleepy heads that like to take it easy especially they are on a lazy vacation.

Available in a mix of a-la-carte and a buffet with a choice of local Phuket or western fare, the Silhouette menu combined lunch and dinner with a choice of international and Thai cuisine. The semi buffet breakfast selection is uniquely tailored made for such concept with a five different selection of hot dishes done a la minute. Pork, Chicken, Fish, Vegetable or eggs as the main with an extra selection on eggs cook to your perfection. 

Here comes another real find to start your day, the creative presentation on the breakfast's choices are strategically placed in the a bamboo basket with other combination such as clear broth, pickles, congee, fried rice or noodle. The colors are refreshing and inviting, with the self served semi buffet varies from daily made bakery and fresh seasonal fruits, the big breakfast surely could increase your appetite to start your day fresh.

Creative presentation on the breakfast's choices are strategically placed in the a bamboo basket to stimulate your palette.

Amber of classic monochrome mood are found in every corner at the Tiffin Mama restaurant portraying the modern contemporary chic design theme.

The "lens filter loophole" are found on the big glass windows at the Tiffin Mama restaurant looking out the infinity Silhouette swimming pool.

The rooftop Silhouette Playground is a huge relaxation zone with plenty of comfy daybeds and bean bags to chose your prefer spot for cocktail hours by watching sunset. The view stretch over three beaches of Kata, Kata Noi and Karon and it is one of the best panoramic views in the neighborhood providing the perfect photo opportunities. Different theme parties and out door movies are also available in selected nights of the week. 

The uninterrupted sunset view. Best way to end the day at the rooftop infinity silhouette pool. 

Keep calm and swim on in the sky. The 20 x 7 meters rooftop infinity Silhouette pool with the views of the Andaman sea is one of the highlights in foto Hotel.

The luxurious white marble pool with Jacuzzi is simple stunning and lined with stylish cabanas and daybeds. It is the perfect escape from the bustling concrete jungle and you may only mumble for your vacation is never long enough.

Opens from 6:30am till as late as 11pm, hanging out all day at this polished pool to get lobster-red sun tan is a total no-brainer. When the night falls, the neon pool light changes colors to create a more soothing mood while you do your laps. This is the ultimate location in foto hotel for you to have your endless photo snaps, every corner you capture could easily turn into a professional like postcard.

All you have to do in foto hotel is to have yourself indulged and strike a pose at anytime, anywhere. That is one of the many ways to make you stay in foto hotel complete with different très chic luxury memories, of course!

Tried & Tested :
Location : 4/5
Interior & Design: 4.5/5
Service: 3/5

218/9 Koktanod Road (Kata-Saiyuan)
Karon, Muang, 
Phuket Thailand
Tel : +66 7668 0900

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