Rosenthal x Versace New Limited Edition Nymph Vase Collection

Rosenthal x Versace introduces the new limited edition Nymph vase collection adding on the entire 2014 exquisite dining set and gift collections that were exhibited at the event including Medusa Gala/Gold, Gala Prestige and Barock X’mas. Inspired by the fashion collections of Versace, the exclusive Nymph vases feature a range of new glamourous colours.

Joined together in 1992, the famous partnership between Versace and Rosenthal has seen the birth of the finest porcelain, crystal and cutlery ware. Synonymous with excellence and highest quality, Rosenthal has a renowned reputation for manufacturing prestigious tableware while Versace is famed for its inimitable glamour, luxurious and expressive style. Together, they have masterfully created elegant and refined tableware and gift collections throughout the years.

The playful contrast between round and streamlined shapes is particularly emphasized by the interplay of shimmering gold, pure white and unique colours of petrol blue, red, taupe, turquoise and dark green. All vases are decorated with iconic Medusa set as a signature. The collection is limited to 49 items per vase worldwide.

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